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Second Thunder

I've gone on record as saying that I think the real, true success of a Kickstarter is when the product being Kickstarted is made available to the general public. This is another such of those success
Second Thunder gives us a look inside their new Open Combat minis game. Check it out in this overview video.SourceFrom the post:Open Combat author, Carl Brown, has posted a video overview of the rules
Gav Thorpe gives us an inside look at the design of Open Combat, the new pre-gunpowder and fantasy skirmish game, over on his blog.SourceFrom the post:As some of you will be aware, I’ve been pootling
Second Thunder has a new set of rules for pre-gunpowder and fantasy miniatures. The game's called Open Combat.TGN_Photo1-Open-Combat_SamplePagesTGN_Photo2-Open-Combat_for_HistoricalTGN_Photo3-Open-Com