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One of my less-spoken-about joys is interior design. Like, I love faucets. We're all used to the standard one in most of our bathrooms, but there's some really gorgeous ones out there. Dungeon Decorat
The adventure's over. You've been paid. Time to head to the local tavern and celebrate. The Red Dragon Inn series puts players in the role of adventurers headed to the bar after an adventure to have a
The adventure is over and everyone's gathered at the Red Dragon Inn to spend their reward. Drinking, gambling, it's a good time had by all. But only one will be the last one awake when the festivities
Beer! Beer! Beer! Tiddilly beer! Beer! Beer! Tiddilly beer! Beer! Beer!The Red Dragon Inn is the place to go when you head into town. The ale flows and there's plenty of gambling and some light brawli
It's Saturdaaaaaaaaaaay! Woooooooo!Due to the rain, my initial plans for the day fell through. But I'm hoping to rebound and maybe hang out with some people here and just chill. Yes, just me, them, an
Hey everyone! As you're reading this, I'm enjoying Day 2 of the CMON Expo. If you're in the Atlanta area, head down and check it out. It's a great time had by all. Can't make it? Be sure to check out
SlugFest Games has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for The Red Dragon Inn number 5. A big push of this is creating a box that will fit not only the current set of cards, but all the other cards
SlugFest Games has announced a new organized play program for The Red Dragon Inn.SourceFrom the announcement:Hey SlugFans!We are pleased to announce the launch of our official Organized Play program f
SlugFest Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Kung Fu Fighting, their action card game.SourceFrom the campaign:Kung Fu Fighting is a fast paced, action card game for 2 to 6 players. You a