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I've mentioned before and I'm sure I'll mention again today that tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US. I've got tons of prep to do. I'm making myself a full Thanksgiving dinner, even though nobody'
Friday! Woo! I'm not feeling 100%, but I'm still happy that it's the weekend on the horizon. I can use a day off to just kinda do relatively little. Maybe eat some snacks. Speaking of, let's nom on a
Middle of the week already? Seems to be going by rather quickly for me. Not a complaint, of course. I'm as ready as ever for the weekend. But we've still got work to do. In order to make sure we have
Friday. The precipice to the weekend. I'm interested in getting there, for sure. It's been a rough month for many, and we're only halfway through it. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in less than
Middle of the week already? Sounds good to me. I'm always a fan of weekends. So, getting there quickly is nice. But, if we're going to keep up this pace, we should probably snack on something. Some bi
We've made it to Friday. It's been... a week, that's for sure. I hope everyone takes some time to relax, as much as possible. Get your mind off of things for a bit. We could all use that. So, with tha
Quite the week. It's gone by very quickly for me, which isn't a complaint. We had a storm come through yesterday that knocked down a tree in my back yard. It also KOed the power to my DM's place, and
Half the week gone already? It's certainly going by quickly, at least for me. Of course, considering it's Halloween coming up this weekend, I'm sure a lot of people are wanting the week to go by fast.
Despite all evidence pointing to yesterday being Thursday, it felt like a Wednesday. Even with that, and all the evidence once again pointing contrary to it being the case, I desperately wanted it to
Fridaaaaaaaaaay! Wooooooooo!! As usual, I'm excited about it. It's not exactly a thrilling weekend of cleaning on Saturday and some D&D on Sunday. But, I mean, I am looking forward to the D&D.
Halfway through the week already. It's going by quickly, at least for me. That's not a complaint, of course. I'm always happy to see the weekend. Tomorrow, I'll be going grocery shopping again. Though
Did this week go by quickly for everyone? Or was it just me? I kept waking up this week and going, "Wow, it's already (whatever day it was)." Or maybe this week just went along at a regular pace and i
The middle of the week already? I'm certainly happy about that. I've got D&D coming up this weekend. And my Articifer, who already has a penchant for making mech suits for themself, just got bluep
It's been a busy week, at least over on this side of the screen. But that's meant the week's gone by rather quickly. I can always appreciate that. Though the break-neck pace has left me rather peckish
We're halfway through the week. We've made it this far, we can continue on to the end. But having a bit of a refueling session might not be bad. Let's take a quick nosh on some bite-sized gaming stori
Friday. The week has really zipped along, if you ask me. Normally, the week after a short week certainly feels like it was longer to get through. But not this time, surprisingly. And yesterday was gro
The week's already halfway done. And, I keep forgetting that we're coming up to a 3-day weekend! Woo! We just need to get through the rest of this week. And to help, let's get some energy by noshing o
Friday! Woo! My week has gone by quickly because it's been extremely busy. Though I've definitely been brain-tired when clocking out at the end of the day. I'm more-than ready for the weekend. Orderin
Is this week taking an eternity for anyone else? Or is it just me? I swear, it's only Wednesday but with how long Monday and Tuesday took, it should be Sunday afternoon by now. Man. And, of course, I
It's Friday and... I am really scatterbrained today. I am a bit all over the map mentally. Just jumping from one topic to another. If I really want to get anything done, I need to buckle down and focu
Wednesday already? Of course, that's not a complaint as I've got two games of online D&D coming up this weekend. It's more like, "Oh, I have stuff I need to finish before all of that!" But it shou
The week's already halfway over. Yeah, it's just moving by that fast. No complaints here, mind you. Even though I don't have anything currently planned for the weekend, I'm still excited for a couple
We're on the threshold of the weekend. Woo! And not just any weekend, but Gen Con weekend. I mean, we're already hip-deep in Gen Con Online as it is, but for the next couple days, work won't be in the
The week's half over already. And I just realized that we're 2 days from the end of the month. Did July just evaporate for you? Because I feel like it simply evaporated for me. I feel like the 4th of
It's halfway through the week. How're you holding up on your side of the screen? Hopefully, things are going well. I've... been ok... I've recently been buying a ton of hot sauce. Like, I think I've m