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SolarFlare Games

Grab your gear. Prep your spells. Maybe procure a potion or two. Team up with your fellow adventurers and head into the deep down dark deep down in Quests: Heroes of Sorcado, a new cooperative fantasy
Harmony Gold has started taking pre-orders for their Robotech: Invid Invasion game. The classic series is coming to your tabletops in a whole new way, and you can get your name on the list to be the f
SolarFlare Games is now taking pre-orders for their new Robotech: Force of Arms card game. But that's not all they've got going on for the universe of giant robots and aliens. They've announced two ne
Man, that forest just can't catch a break. First there were zombies. Then there were aliens. Now, there's all manner of monsters! That's what's happening on SolarFlare's next installment of the Nightm
SolarFlare Games is looking ahead to the new year. You've seen their Robotech announcement (hopefully), but that's not all they're working on. They also have their Kids Vs. series of games. These will
Robotech is a series with a rather long history. The anime has spawned numerous games. I mean... it's giant robots. So you know my thoughts on the whole thing. Well, SolarFlare Games is looking to bri
Not every Kickstarter campaign makes it to their funding goal on the first try. There's no shame in that, as I have seen many campaigns retool and make it even further the second time around than they
The mages of Sorcado may not be in charge anymore, but that doesn't mean they're weak. They regularly face challenges to their might, with each mage showing that they are true masters of their chosen
SolarFlare Games is looking to create a new miniatures skirmish game. It's called Dawn of the Archmage. Players take the roll of said Archmages and will compete against one-another to show the dominan
The week of "getting back to usual" continues along. Of course, we'll get back off schedule a little, since it's a 3-day weekend here in the States. But still, good to be on schedule while you can. Bu
I'm a fan of hidden-information games. Being able to bluff your opponent to make moves they think they should make, but actually help you, is something I love (to try) to do. Archmage Origins lets you
Well, it's Friday again. Woo!I hope your week went by as quickly as mine did. Being busy after a long weekend will do that. And this weekend looks to be really busy as well. Lots of projects just show
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the woods...You've survived Dead Run, a game where zombies of all kinds were chasing you through the woods. But will you survive Alien Invasion? It's
The final week of 2016 continues on. I know a lot of people are enjoying a bit of a break here at the end of the year. Many game companies are taking a little bit of time off. But that's not to say we
Over last weekend I re-discovered Batmetal. And with it, of course, Dethklok. So my Sunday was filled with some heavy metal goodness. It would've been a perfect time to be playing some Lords of Rock (
This week just seems to be screaming by. At least, I feel it is. I'm hoping yours is going by well-enough. I feel it's mostly because it's been rather busy over on this side of the screen. Various pro
The week rolls on. We're halfway there. The weekend is ever-closer as time marches on, and other sayings of "it's not yesterday anymore!" It seems people around me are feeling a bit drained. Tuesday w
Are you ready to ROCK!?!(Editor's Note: I'd recommend putting on Kiss - God of Thunder while reading this news entry)Anyway, if you're ready to rock, you should head over to SolarFlare Games' new Kick
The week rolls on. We've made it to Wednesday. I'm hoping your week is treating you well. After this, it's downhill to another weekend. We can certainly make it if we try. Until then, we should stock
Ah, Sunday.For me, at least, the relaxing day of the week. Sure, there's chores to do like laundry and cooking for the week, but overall, it's a day to just relax a bit. Also, I'm told there's some ma
Hello Campers, and welcome to Camp Wenamigunnagohome. Last one to get to the highway is zombie food! Haha! I’m only kidding, of course! Everybody except the first person to get to the highway is zombi
Dumpster Brawl, from SolarFlare Games, is starting to surge towards the finish line over on Kickstarter. They're getting ever-closer to their goal.Will your pledge be the one that takes them over?Sour
SolarFlare Games is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter for their Dumpster Brawl card game. They've still got a little bit to go in order to fund, but a big push at the end and they should
SolarFlare Games keeps chugging along on their Dumpster Brawl Kickstarter campaign. They're showing off a new, special promo card to go with it.SourceFrom the campaign:The promo card that will be prov
The Meeple Mechanic sat down with Dave Killingsworth from SolarFlare Games for their Foxhole Fiver (five questions while a Kickstarter campaign is going on).SourceFrom the post:Dumpster Brawl was an a