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Hey everyone, I've crawled out of my overeating haze just long enough to collect together some Black Friday/Holiday Sales that are happening now, collected all together for your convenience. Most are
We're making our way there, everyone. The weekend will soon be upon us. I don't know about you, but this week has felt like it's had an extra day in it. I feel like today should be Friday instead of T
Hey there again, dear TGN Readers.We've got another batch of News Snippets for you.By the way, we've fixed the issue with galleries. So photos will be showing up where they should be (hopefully, anywa
Spellcrow helps you keep track of wounds or other such things with their new Death Counters.SourceFrom the release:Kit contains 5 Death Counters ideal for use with 28mm scale models. The product is hi
Spellcrow gives you a lot of new options when customizing your minis with the release of their new Changed Legion bits sets.SourceFrom the announcement:New set for Changed Legion available! You can se
Spellcrow gives you more options to customize your minis with their new sonic/steam torsos over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release: Kit contains 10 Space Knights Sonic/Steam torsos ideal for use
Spellcrow gets into the Halloween spirit with their Dyniaq Collection sale.SourceFrom the website:Metal models 28 mm scale with a bases 25x25 mm.Design and sculpting: Piotr Pirianowicz
Spellcrow has been busy working on some new bits while they've been moving shop. Have a look.SourceFrom the post:We have difficulty in showing news because... we move to new premises!!! For this reaso
Spellcrow helps you personalize your miniatures with the release of new sci-fi bits sets over in their webshop.SourceFrom them to you:Hi! Amazing sets available!!! New heads, torsos and legs. So, if y
Spellcrow is running a contest where you say which of the models below is your favorite and why. Winners will get a copy of the mini they talked about.Note: All references to "this thread" refer to th
Spellcrow has a preview photo up of the little green men they're working on. Well, it's an alien, anyway. And it is little and green.SourceFrom the preview:Hi. This week (with little delay) we will sh
Spellcrow is showing off the green for their Halfling Mage.sourceFrom the preview:I hope you will like our new Halfling Mage with little dragon. Soon will be available but today you can download full
Spellcrow released a new Dwarf Rune Priest with Hammer over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:Metal model 28 mm scale with a base 25x25 mm.Design and sculpting: Marek Rurarz i Piotr Pirianowicz
Spellcrow has another Dyniaq preview up on their Indiegogo page. This one's got a sword and shield.SourceFrom the preview:Next Dyniaq from set has been shown. This time it is the one with heavy armour
Spellcrow is showing off some more artwork and a new mini for their Dyniaq Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom the update:The Dyniaqs campaign is growing as Spellcrow shown another mini from the starter set
Spellcrow launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new line of pumpkin-headed minis. Go check 'em out, Linus.Source
Spellcrow is showing off Dyniaq, their new Halloween-themed mini.SourceFrom the post:Today you can see our new model. Hope you like it :)
Spellcrow now has those Sonic Guns, Shoulder Pads and Torsos they previewed a little bit ago available over in their webshop.From the release:Hi, we have a good news - Sonic Guns (link above) and Shol
Spellcrow is showing off some more sci-fi bits they're working on that will be released to you soon.From the preview:Hello! Every Monday we have for you amazing news and this Monday also Today you can
Spellcrow gives us a look into their workbench with the greens of some Space Elves Gems they're working on.From the preview:Today I want to show you Space Elves Gems that I finished today. I think it
Spellcrow is showing off some preview greens for some of their upcoming new releases.From the preview:Hi. Today we want to show you our news for this week. So, now we have new version of head for Spac
Coloured Dust takes a look at some of the bits and terrain available from Spellcrow and gives you their thoughts on the situation.From the review:Small review of bits and figures of the Polish company
Spellcrow has released new Orc shotguns over in their webshop.Or, if you prefer:These... are their boomsticks!From the release:Shotguns for Orcs available!!! Now your orcs will be ready for hunting
Spellcrow gives you more options to personalize your minis with the release of their new Chaos Space Knights heads.From the release:Hello everyone. Today we added to our store new products. Please vis
Chest of Colors did a review of two models from Spellcrow: Halloween Mage and Mrokin. See what they think about 'em.From the review:Spellcrow is the company behind the Umbra Turris game. Slawol had bo