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Star Trek RPG

Modiphius is giving you a special treat this Valentine's Day. They've bundled together some of their games and accessories and have created giant bundle deals that can save you off of the regular price. But together and save on games like the Star Trek RPG, John Carter of Mars, Infinity RPG, and the Conan RPG.

The Gamma Quadrant. Home of the Dominion. Not exactly the nicest place in the galaxy, if we're being honest. But that's just why the Federation is sending you in. What will you find as you boldly go into this new region of space? You're not entirely sure, but you've been given a primer in the form of the Star Trek Adventures: Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook. Better read up and know it inside and out. You do wear a red shirt, after all...

The galaxy is filled with all manner of planets comprising all sorts of environments and all sorts of dangers and challenges. And your job is to go visit them. At least, that's what you do in Star Fleet, and will be doing in Star Trek Adventures: Strange New Worlds, the new supplement that's available now from Modiphius.

Using miniatures when playing an RPG may not always be 100% necessary, but I, for one, really prefer it. Theater of the mind is fine, but I like having physical representations of things out on the table to keep track of things. Modiphius is here to help for those playing the Star Trek RPG with their new Iconic Villains minis set. You can order yours now.

Deep space. It's got just about everything. Including a damaged vessel containing a race of sentient trees, as well as a race of time-accelerated insects that eat the trees. Because... why not? And when that vessel starts heading for a Bronze-Age civilization, it's up to your crew how to best decide the course of action. That's what's happening in A Forest Apart, a new adventure for the Star Trek RPG, available from Modphius.

There's a lot of really weird things out in space. Weird things like computers large enough to surround an entire star. That's what you come across in Nest in the Dark, a new adventure for the Star Trek RPG from Modiphius. Can you make contact with those aboard the computer? Can you save a colony that the computer is headed towards? Will anyone wearing a red shirt be alive at the end? That's for you to decide. The PDF version of the adventure is available now.

Grab your blue shirts, it's time for some science up in here! Modiphius has released the print version of their The Sciences Division book for the Star Trek RPG. If you've been a lifelong fan of Spock, now's your chance to have a character that walks in his Vulcan footsteps. Or maybe you'd prefer Bones. I wonder if "cantankerous" is a character trait.

If you're looking to boldly go, Modiphius is here to help. They've got a trio of Star Trek RPG books coming out over the next couple months, and so you can plan to have your nickels saved up for their release, they're announcing the street date for when you can get your hands on them. Let's take a look at what's in store. Open all comms channels and begin multi-modal electron sorting.

The Prime Directive. It states that the Federation won't interfere with the evolution and direction that uncontacted planets are going through. However, an observer on a pre-contact planet has died and the Federation wants to find out what happened. Will your crew be able to solve this mystery without accidentally revealing themselves to the inhabitants? That's your job in The Gravity of the Crime, a new adventure for the Star Trek RPG that's been released by Modiphius.

Resistance is futile... if you're a Star Trek fan and been wanting to get into the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius, as they've started taking pre-orders for a new Borg Cube set that's got... well, just about everything you could want that's part of their RPG system. This new collection includes such things as the core rulebook, GM screen, accessories, and all 9 PDF releases from the last 2 years.

While having digital versions of books is nice (you can carry them everywhere in your smart device, they are generally rather search-able, etc), I'm still old-school  and prefer to have an actual book in my hand whenever possible. So, for that, I'm happy to see that The Divsions Manual for the Star Trek RPG is now available in print. This book contains tons of new content for players looking to be engineers or security departments.