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Star Wars: Legion

When you hit a new big-number for an edition of a game, you know things are bound to be changing. Well, we're getting Star Wars: Legion Rules Reference 2.0 here, and that means a lot of updates. Many
Due to some restructuring, Star Wars: Legion, X-Wing, and Star Wars: Armada are moving their way from Fantasy Flight over to Atomic Mass Games. They're the company that's making the Marvel miniatures
Arguably the coolest enemy in the Star Wars saga, Darth Maul captivated audiences and his fight on Naboo is a high point of the Prequels. Soon, players in Star Wars: Legion will have a new Darth Maul
Luke, fresh off the victory at Yavin 4, has taken up refuge with the Rebels on Hoth. And that's where one of the most climactic battles of the Star Wars saga happens. And soon, you can have that Luke
I was just thinking the other day, "Hmm, we've not seen a Star Wars: Legion preview in a bit." Well, I look and there's a new one now up. And it's a biggie. Fantasy Flight is showing off the upcoming
A new batch of four unit kits are available from Fantasy Flight for Star Wars: Legion. Rebels, Imperials, Separatists, and Republic all get new units or vehicles to bolster their ranks. For those play
I hope you've been saving your nickels because Fantasy Flight unloaded quite a lot of new releases. There's 5 new decks for Arkham Horror LCG. There's the new Celestial Realms and Wheel of Judgement b
The Empire has a lot of resources at their disposal in their fight against the Rebels. They've combined those resources in the hopes of training the most elite soldiers ever seen on the battlefield. A
We've got yet more Star Wars-related news from Fantasy Flight today. They've got four more sets coming for Star Wars: Legion, all set from the Prequel series, bringing us characters like pre-dark-side
Ever since Boba Fett stepped onto the screen for the first time, people have been obsessed with the Mandalorians. They are known as some of the greatest warriors in the galaxy and soon, they'll be com
Do you know how hard it is to not call these the BMX-Droids? Very. That's how. Anyway, a new style of droid will soon be making its way to the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion. These specialists get
A pair of new Star Wars: Legion kits have hit shelves at your LGS and online that you can pick up now. They're the Padme Amidala and Cad Bane Operative Packs, giving Republic and Separatist players,re
There were many types of clone troopers created during the Clone Wars. The most elite were the ARC Troopers. Soon, these highly-trained and well-equipped warriors will be making their way to your tabl
The Separatists might have legions of droid soldiers, but sometimes you can't send a droid to do a job. In those cases, the Separatists send in Cad Bane (and his hat). Soon, Separatist players in Star
Fantasy Flight is rolling their way towards production again and that includes getting some lines moving again that we've not seen going in a while. That includes Star Wars: Legion. This time around,
Due to the pandemic, lots of game companies had to readjust their release schedules. Many simply stopped for a while as the virus spread. Well, things are starting to open back up again and that inclu
So, there proabably aren't many Star Wars: Legion tournaments going on right now. But that actually makes it a good time to update the tourney rules, as everyone will have a chance to study up before
For the next couple Star Wars: Legion support units, Fantasy Flight is headed to prequel territory. They've announced that they're working on the Republic AT-RT unit as well as the STAP Riders for Sep
While stores and businesses might be temporarily closed, that doesn't mean there's not work going on. Behind the scenes, in living rooms all across the world, industry continues. In this case, it's so
The Empire has many resources at their disposal. That includes many training facilities where their soldiers can get the best education in tactics and command. And since a commander can very easily ch
An entire army can work differently when under control of a different general. Each one brings something a little different to the battlefield. If you're a Rebel player and you're looking to change th
It's just been a big weekend for releases, it seems. Well, if your wallet can handle even more, Fantasy Flight has new releases for three of their Star Wars games available now. For Legion, there's th
It's always important to make sure you have the most up-to-date rules for your game. Something might've needed tweaking because it was unbalanced or the wording was ambiguous or whatever reason. Star
The Clone Wars saw the clone armies of the Republic facing off against the robotic forces of the Separatists. But despite one army being made up of clones and the other coming off an industrial assemb
Padme Amidala wasn't your average monarch. She didn't just sit on her throne, occasionally make a speech, and generally stay to herself. She was ready to get out there and fight just like anyone else