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Star Wars: Destiny

The Imperial Military Machine was quite a sight to behold. The First Order inherited many of the doctrines of the Galactic Empire, continuing the tradition of things like Storm Troopers and TIE Fighte
Well, we've seen some yellow cards for the upcoming Spirit of Rebellion set for Star Wars: Destiny, both heroes and villains. This time around, we're changing primary colors to Red. Take a look at som
There's a lot of shady characters out there. Some are just "more out for themselves than anyone else," while others are downright evil (or were programmed that way). They use all sorts of underhanded
Spirit of Rebellion is the next set coming out for Star Wars: Destiny. It will get here sometime in the next couple months. The game has really taken off, from what I've heard, so people are clamoring
Gamers are notorious for wanting to be the first ones on their block with the latest and greatest games. They also love getting cool swag that others won't be able to get. Add those two together, and
Hey everyone. Congratulations as you've made it to the weekend. Saturday is here and that means it's time to sit back and relax some. Hopefully you've got something gaming-related going on. I might be
Star Wars: Destiny is the new card and dice game from Fantasy Flight where players build their own fantasy team and attack their opponents using equipment and abilities taken from all over the Star Wa
The holiday season is well and truly upon us. It's the last weekend before Christmas and all through the house, my D&D group had to cancel because everyone had last-minute stuff come up due to the hol
Fantasy Flight Games has a couple pretty big releases for you this week (and one middle-size one).swd01_mainswd02_mainswd03_booster_mainswd05_mainad03_maingt12_mainThe biggest of the new releases woul
We've been getting Star Wars: Destiny previews for a while now. We've seen what the different colors of cards mean, and a bit about the dice a long time ago. But we've never really gotten it all put t
While the sides in Star Wars are generally broken up rather simply to Light and Dark sides of the force, like everything in life, it's not really that simple. There's the 3rd "faction" to deal with. T
Blue cards *hears horses whinny off in the distance* ... aren't the "Good guys" as one might initially think in Star Wars Destiny. It's not that red cards represent the dark side of the force while bl
There's at least two sides to every story. We've seen the Kylo Ren starter for Star Wars Destiny. So now let's take a look at the new Jedi on the block, Rey, and her starter for Star Wars Destiny.swd0
People seem pretty interested in Star Wars: Destiny. It's certainly an IP that people tend to get on board with. And Fantasy Flight Games is known for making a quality product. So I know several who a
I know a lot of you are rather excited to get your hands on Star Wars: Destiny, the new dice game coming from Fantasy Flight Games. And, being gamers, you all want to be the first ones with those dice
One of the bigger announcements recently was Fantasy Flight coming out with a new Star Wars-themed game. People have been wondering how this new game will work. Well, we've got some previous previews
Well, we know Fantasy Flight won't be making Games Workshop-themed games anymore. But that doesn't mean they're not making Star Wars games anymore. Those are still going full-steam ahead. Their newest
So, it's coming up to 8pm. Day 2 is definitely in the books for Gen Con 2016. It's been a very busy day. I'm tired, but still pretty amped about everything that's gone on. And I'm sure you all would l
Fantasy Flight Games has just announced a new game to be part of the Star Wars line of products they make. This one's Star Wars: Destiny, a new collectable dice and card game. This game will take some