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PaizoCon Online is happening this week. Every day, the company is featuring some more awesome previews and insight into their various product lines. This time around, they're taking a look at the far-
Starfinder also has their own Society and they, too, are getting their regular spate of monthly releases. In this article, we get a look at just what is coming up from Paizo. It's apparently the Year
Paizo's PaizoCon Online 2020 is coming soon. They've got about a billion things going on, including a ton of things on their Twitch Channel. One would need some sort of guide to keep track of it all.
PaizoCon Online is coming up soon. The company's posted up a page with a whole bunch of resources for you, including where you can sign up for events (and when those goes live), a link to a Discord se
If you're running a Starfinder game, or thinking about running one, you might want to check out this article as Paizo takes a look inside the 2nd of the Threefold Comspiracy Adventure Path. In this ar
So, it's the last day of April. If you're going to be posting your April Releases, now's your last chance. Well, Paizo has taken the opportunity. They're showing off everything now available for this
Stuck at home? Want to get in some RP gaming but can't? Well, if you've got an Amazon Alexa, you can get some Starfinder gaming in right now. And, as a bonus, Paizo's updated the Scoundrels in the Spi
In order to show off some more of the new character options that are in the Near Space book for Starfinder that's out, Paizo likes to put together a character that uses some of them. That way, instead
Professional wrestling. It's a hoot. It's all the high-fling action of Cirque De Soliel with the drama and pathos of Telenovellas. And this Wednesday, it's coming to Starfinder. Paizo will be running
Information is key during this time. You want to know what's going on outside while you're inside. You want to know when things will hopefully start to normalize out a bit. To help keep you in the kno
Here we are at the start of a new month. This is going to be a rough one for a lot of us. But being informed, even if it's not the brightest of news, is still better than just being in the dark. That'
I know we don't usually talk about Humble Bundles, since it's a 3rd-party thing and we stay away from those. But considering that COVID-19 is affecting everyone right now, we'll make an exception. Thi
As with most Starfinder releases, there's a little bit of something for everyone inside Near Space, their upcoming book. GMs will have guides for new planets and regions of space. Players will have ne
I know for a fact that you can still play your RPGs while practicing social distancing. I played just this past weekend, for example, while nobody was in the same apartment as me. And since you can st
Like every company, Paizo's been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They've posted an update about how things are going over there. Long story short: no physical shipments for 2 weeks, PaizoCon for th
Near Space for Starfinder gives players a detailed look at a fairly dense region of space where hundreds of different worlds lie. If you'd like to get an inside look at what's inside the book (it's in
While players may want to steer clear of too many articles about different adventure paths for Starfinder, GMs should very much head on in to see what's going on. You want to make sure it's the advent
Starfinder is getting a new book this month in the form of Near Space. As with most Starfinder books, there's a whole wealth of information for both players and GMs. In this preview, we get a look at
Many people claim to have seen or even been abducted by aliens. Many times, the description of the creatures that they encounters are Greys. In Starfinder, these Greys also exist and they're part of t
Planet Building By A Crowd. A while ago, Paizo wanted to work with the community using its Deck of Many Worlds to create a new planet for Starfinder, giving it a full write-up when done. Well, it's do
A mystery is afoot! It can be tough to include a mystery in your RPGs, owing to the freewheeling nature of what parties tend to get into. But Paizo's here to help with their Threefold Conspiracy Adven
Paizo has their new Alien Archive 3 book coming out. In order to make sure you get the most of it right away, they've posted an encounter that you can drop into your Starfinder games. Go check out Goo
Paul 105 days ago
Its a Hopkinsville Goblin!!
Using the Deck of Many Worlds, GMs can quickly and easily create their own planets for use in Starfinder games. Now, Paizo is looking to see what you are coming up with. They've got a contest going wh
When you're the GM, you're responsible for everything in the game that isn't the PCs. That can be a lot of work. When you're playing Starfinder, that means you're in charge of an entire universe. And
Now, playing Starfinder can be as easy as simply asking Alexa to start a game for you. No need for grabbing the group together. You can just talk to your house and it'll begin. Paizo has released this
drew 161 days ago
This might leave me with more questions than anything (especially since I don't have an Alexa enabled device). Is this basically an App GM?
Paul 161 days ago
Who needs friends when you can play against your home AI? lol! Did anyone see that one tech episode in the last season of X-Files?