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Stone Blade Entertainment

Hey there, TGN readers. It's time again for another Review Roundup.So without further ado, today we have reviews of: Dark Tales, Litko Age of Sigmar Tokens review, Deadzone Contagion Expansion, LUGU,
Bad Beets, it's not what old-school hip-hop listeners think of the state of music today, it's the new bluffing card game from Stone Blade Entertainment. They've been showing off the game a lot lately,
Day 1 of Gen Con has been an absolute whirlwind. It feels like 3 days have already gone by. But no, it's just one. The show is a great time to sit down with some of the game companies in attendance an
Today at the GAMA Trade Show 2015 in Las Vegas, Stone Blade Entertainment announced Bad Beets, its first physical release since the successful Ascension deck-building franchise. Whereas Ascension was
Stone Blade Entertainment has released their Ascension: Year One Collector's Edition over in their webshop. The set includes all the sets and promo sets from the first year of the game's release, all
Stone Blade Entertainment’s Justin Gary was kind enough to sit down with me while at GenCon 2014 and talk a bit about the latest releases for Ascension and Sol Forge, plus a bit about where they’re he
Play Unplugged has a new MTV Viewer's Choice Award-winning review up. This time it's the Rat King and Rat Queen mini-expansion packs for Ascension.SourceFrom the post:Pass the cheese and mind the trap
Stone Blade Entertainment is showing off new cards for the upcoming Ascension set, Realms Unraveled.SourceFrom the post:Cards from the new Realms Unraveled expansion. Coming to store shelves on June 1
Stone Blade Entertainment, maker of Ascension, is looking for a Senior Web Developer.Are you the right person for the job?SourceFrom the headhunter page:Candidates must have: Bachelor’s degree or e
Stone Blade Entertainment has posted a couple more previews for upcoming cards for the Darkness Unleashed expansion for Ascension, coming soon.
Stone Blade Entertainment has a new preview up for their next Ascension expansion. They've also announced a new entry-level starter set for the game.From the update: In addition to Darkness Unleashed,
When getting together materials for our recent review of Ascension: Rise of Vigil from the lovely folks over at Stone Blade Entertainment, it was offered to have a chat with Ascension's creator and St
Stone Blade Entertainment shows off the first preview card from their next Ascension deck-building game expansion, Darkness Unleashed and lets us know about Transform, a new mechanic for the game.Note
Ascension, by Stone Blade Entertainment, has been rather successful as one of the new genre of games, the Deck-Builder. Their most recent expansion, Rise of Vigil, came to me the other day (I was happ
Play Unplugged unboxed Rise of Vigil before. Now they're giving you the full review.And I still need to pick up that expansion...From the review:Deck building games continue to be massively popular am
Play Unplugged unboxes the latest expansion for the Ascension deck-building game by taking a look at Rise of Vigil.I need to get a copy of that sometime soon.From the article:Those of you vigilantly f
Stone Blade Entertainment has released their latest expansion for the Ascension deck-building game (personally, one of my top 3 favorite games right now).From the announcement:Stone Blade Entertainmen
Gary Games will no longer be Gary Games, but will now be Stone Blade Entertainment.Also, there's a new Ascension mini-set available over on their website.From the announcement (about the name change)