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Stuffed Fables

I always thought, as a kid, that my toys would come alive while I was away or asleep, a-la stuff like Toy Story (though many decades before that movie actually came out). In the land of Stuffed Fables
Their original game book game, Stuffed Fables was a big hit. Now, it's getting an expansion in the form of Oh, Brother!. Help the toys in their journeys late at night when everyone else is sound aslee
Bit of a shuffle going on when it comes to where you can find some of your favorite games. Plaid Hat Games has once more become independant, the deal being negotiated by Colby Dauch to once more take
You ever have one of those days where you wake up, get going with doing things, then look at the clock and are like, "Whoah! It's already 7pm!! How'd that happen!?!" Yeah, that was my yesterday. I wok
Well, Stuffed Fables has been released, and it seems the big reaction to it has been, "this is amazing! We want more!" Well, Plaid Hat Games is here to oblige. They've created a new, stand-alone story
Stuffed Fables is now available.That could just be the whole crux of the story, and that'd be fine. But Plaid Hat Games went one further. They've also posted up a video on their site about the psychol
It's been a bit since we got our last Stuffed Fables look from Plaid Hat. I know a lot of you have been excitedly waiting for more news. Well, in this instance, they're giving you quite a bit. They've
Games rarely go from first concept to print without a whole ton of changes in the middle. With each change, the game gets more refined, streamlined, and better. In this preview of Stuffed Fables, Jame
The release of Stuffed Fables grows ever-closer. People are excited to try out taking on the role of those snuggly characters and head into the dream world to protect their dreamer. You know who else
Every story has a beginning. In this new preview of Stuffed Fables from Plaid Hat Games, we get a look at the first couple pages of the Storybook. So, what is this all about? Where is "base" that we b
The plushie characters in Stuffed Fables are protecting their sleeping girl from being harmed. But what are they protecting her from, exactly? What are these dangers out there? Well, they're Crepitus
Many of us have had a stuffed animal that got loved to the point of needing some repairs. Hugs and cuddles can lead to requiring some stitching or a new panel sewn on. But such damage might not have b
The game of Stuffed Fables puts players in the role of plushie heroes, looking to keep their little girl they belong to safe at night. But who is this little girl? We get a bit of a preview of the dre
In Stuffed Fables, players take on the role of stuffed animals, going on adventures in the night. The game uses an innovative game book that not only gives you the rules for the various encounters and
Stuffed Fables is a new type of storytelling game where the game book, itself, is the scene for all the action. Players will move their figures on the book's pages, even as it tells them how the scena
Many people are excited for the upcoming Stuffed Fables storytelling game from Plaid Hat. It's gotten quite the reaction over on our social network sites. So you should be excited to know that a new p
Plaid Hat's Stuffed Fables has been getting a lot of attention since its announcement. The gamebook style has intrigued many, along with the theme of stuffed animals coming to life to go on adventures
An upcoming game that's gotten some real attention lately is Stuffed Fables from Plaid Hat Games. It's the adventure gamebook where players collectively tell a story using the book as a rules guide, g
Well, Gen Con wrapped up yesterday. Today's a travel day for me. Then we'll get you back to a closer-to-regular posting schedule tomorrow and going into the rest of the week. It's impossible to thank
Just about everyone, when they were a kid, had some sort of stuffed animal that was their favorite. Maybe a stuffed bear or dragon or tiger or something. You know, the Hobbs to your Calvin. And, like