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Summoner Wars

Taking out foes at a distance can be a safe bet in a battle. Raining arrows down on an opponent can keep your own troops safe from harm. And the Vanguards in Summoner Wars certainly have some archers
Another day, another Summoner Wars preview. Plaid Hat is starting up with a new faction's cards in this one. You can head over and check out the start of the Vanguards now.
All good things must come to an end. This is the final preview for the Polar Dwarves for the upcoming Summoner Wars releases. However, it's not the final curtain, as there's yet another faction to che
It's time for your daily preview of the upcoming Summoner Wars decks with another look inside the one for the Polar Dwarves. This time around, we get a look at a Champion Unit as well as a Standard Ev
It's an eventful preview for Summoner Wars this time around, literally. We get a look at two new Events for the Polar Dwarves deck.
I knew it was coming eventually. Pretty much any faction that's based in the polar regions will eventually get a bear cavalry unit. And that's what we get a look at in this preview for the Polar Dwarv
I was just out walking the parapet, taking a look around when I came across the latest Summoner Wars preview from Plaid Hat Games. Have a look at a couple more Polar Dwarves cards from their deck.
As long as Plaid Hat keeps posting Summoner Wars previews, we'll keep sharing them. This time, it's a new faction coming to the forefront as we get the first look at the Polar Dwarves deck.
The last of the Fallen Kingdom previews for Summoner Wars is upon us. And Plaid Hat is definitely going out with a bang, showing off a Champion Unit and an Epic Event that shows off some of the most p
A champion and a common unit are what's on deck for this deck preview for Summoner Wars. Check out two of The Fallen Kingdom's fighting forces.
Plaid Hat Games continues to roll along with their Summoner Wars previews. We've got another pair of cards from the Fallen Kingdoms deck for you to check out.
Another day, another Summoner Wars preview. Today, Plaid Hat is continuing on with a look at the upcoming Fallen Kingdom deck with another Common Unit and Standard Event.
Plaid Hat is keeping up their daily previews for the upcoming Summoner Wars decks. As with last one, they're delving into the Fallen Kingdom with one of their common units and regular events that make
Plaid Hat Games has another of their daily Summoner Wars previews up. They're done showing off the Savanna Elves, so it's on now to a new faction, the Fallen Kingdom. Get a look at the first two cards
Another day, another Summoner Wars preview. We continue with a look at the Savanna Elves with a look at two units, one Common and one Elite. Have a look.
Yup, another Summoner Wars preview. I'm certainly interested to see what else these Savanna Elves are up to in their deck. And, this time around, we get a look at one of their common units as well as
Another day, another Summoner Wars preview. Again, this one's from the upcoming Savanna Elves deck. They get themselves a rhino and they can embiggen it, too.
We've got another Summoner Wars preview for you from Plaid Hat Games. This time, you get a look at the Savanna Elves' big, pretty kitty and his walking scratching post. Err... two elite units. Yes, th
The daily previews continue as Plaid Hat Games continues to look at the decks coming in Summoner Wars 2nd edition. This one's a continuation of their look at the Savanna Elves.
Plaid Hat Games is continuing their daily Summoner Wars with the announcement of a new faction as well as two cards from their deck. They're the Savanna Elves. Head on in and see what they're all abou
And just like clockwork, we have another daily preview of the cards coming in the Breaker set for Summoner Wars. This time, we get a look at a couple units, one common and one champion. Go check it ou
True to their word, Plaid Hat Games is posting up daily Summoner Wars previews. They continue with the Breakers, giving us a look at both a unit and an event this time around.
Plaid Hat rolls along with their daily previews of the upcoming cards for Summoner Wars 2nd edition decks. They're keeping on with the Breakers today with a look at two of their Event cards.
"Hey, have you any idea what these strange symbols are?" "I think they're just strange symbols of some kind." We've been getting a lot of previews for the upcoming Summoner Wars 2nd edition. Eagle-eye
The daily Summoner Wars previews continue. Plaid Hat Games has some more Breakers to show off for the new decks coming out. Check out the Wind Mage and Kalal.