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Super Dungeon Explore

The week's half-over. There's a chance for more ice here in Atlanta. And it's some for some more of the bite-sized stories we've found over the past couple days.This time we've got: Sector Commander A
Soda Pop Miniatures lets us know how things are coming along with Super Dungeon Explore's new expansion in an update on their Kickstarter page. And things are coming along rather well. They've got a g
Soda Pop Miniatures is showing off another update for Super Dungeon Explore. They're adding slimes! They've got 4 types (the minis are translucent!) and are showing off all the stat cards for them in
Soda Pop Miniatures has been working on their Arcade rules for Super Dungeon Explore. They've posted an update letting us know how things are coming along.SourceFrom the update:We gave you a rundown o
Soda Pop Miniatures keeps us up-to-date with their Forgotten King Super Dungeon Explore expansion progress.SourceFrom the campaign:We received a gift of 6" of snow and still snowing here at Soda Pop C
Soda Pop Miniatures is showing off a bunch of new Trolls they've been working on for the Forgotten King expansion for Super Dungeon Explore.SourceFrom the update:We've had a couple novella updates so
Soda Pop Miniatures checks in once again to let us know how things are coming along with their Forgotten King progress since their Kickstarter.SourceFrom the post:We now know with 100% certainty that
Soda Pop Miniatures is showing off more preview cards for the upcoming Forgotten King expansion for Super Dungeon Explore.In deference to the season, it's all about Zombies.SourceFrom the update:The G
Soda Pop Miniatures has started taking orders for their new Privy's End PvP map for Super Dungeon Explore.SourceFrom the website:Deep within the dark and dank dungeons of Crystalia Heroes hone their s
Soda Pop Miniatures gives us a look at some new Kobold stat cards for Super Dungeon Explore. Check out these mini boss and hero cards.Ser SnapjawWyrm Claw Exemplar Source
Soda Pop Miniatures posted up a bunch of cards from the upcoming Forgotten King set for Super Dungeon Explore.SourceFrom the post:Here are the Previewed Cards for Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King!
Soda Pop Miniatures has posted an update for Super Dungeon Explore, saying how things are going since their Kickstarter.SourceFrom the update:Hello! Hello! We have a ton of fun stuff to go through tod
Soda Pop Miniatures keeps busting through stretch goals over on their Forgotten King Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:The forest spirit Goro has always been a mercurial and fickle creature
Soda Pop Miniatures launched their Kickstarter campaign for the new Super Dungeon Explore expansion, The Forgotten King.They're already well over their goal, so it's stretches for the next 29 days.Sou
Soda Pop Miniatures has some preview photos up of some more Forgotten King goodness in preparation for their Kickstarter launch.SourceFrom the preview: Since you all have been so patient.. here is wha
Soda Pop Miniatures is showing off a new Miniboss for Super Dungeon Explore as well as posting up a new Kickstarter preview video for the next SDE expansion.)SourceFrom the update:Hello again from Sod
Super Dungeon Explore is showing off one of the new tiles coming for their Super Dungeon Explore Kickstarter starting soon.SourceFrom the preview:Sneak Peak!With the pending Forgotten King Kickstarter
Soda Pop Miniatures has announced The Forgotten King, a new expansion for Super Dungeon Explore, will be coming to Kickstarter next month.SourceFrom the announcement:Hello from Soda Pop Miniatures! We
Soda Pop Miniatures has two new minis available for Super Dungeon Explore, like a boss! ... literally.SourceFrom the release:King Starfire returns with vengeance. Now in possession of the Dragon Horn
Soda Pop Miniatures is showing off a new mini for Super Dungeon Explore with a look at the Thundervale Huntress.SourceFrom the preview:We are looking forward to the next expansion for Super Dungeon Ex
Soda Pop Miniatures now has Super Dungeon Explore available for all your German-speaking peoples out there. Plus, they'll be at Essen Spiel next week.SourceFrom the update:You have asked for it and he
Soda Pop Miniatures is showing off a new enemy for Super Dungeon Explore, the Kodama Mook.SourceFrom the preview:Kodama are forest spirits that live within the Fae Wood. They are its guardians as well
Soda Pop Miniatures has their special Super Dungeon Explore dice now available as a separate pack over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:We have just added the Super Dungeon Explore Dice Pa
CoolMiniOrNot is back home and the offices are humming as we sort through the event that was GenCon. It was a fantastic show and we're thankful for everyone that came and stopped by the booth.We had a
CoolMiniOrNot is headed to GenCon Indy ... tomorrow! How do I know? I'll be in one of the trucks that's headed out.For those that didn't see the awesome Dark Age promo video the other day:We'll have a