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Super Heroes

Monte Cook Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring two new sourcebooks for the Cypher RPG system. They're focused all around super heroes, super villains, and the powers that they possess. If
The House of X set for Heroclix will bring some changes to the game, not just in adding new models. WizKids is changing the way they do sculpts as well. Plus, there's lots of new rules and mechanics t
Krakoan Revival is a new ability coming in HeroClix that is certain to change the way the game plays. Now, I will warn you, that this article does contain some spoilers for the House of X comic storyl
HeroClix is getting an upgrade in mini quality and the first set to feature those changes is up for pre-order over on the WizKids website. House of X, as you'd expect (or should that be X-pect?) is al
WizKids has been making their minis for quite some time now. And modelling technology has made a lot of advances in the almost two decades since the first HeroClix figures started rolling out. With th
Dice Masters: The Dark Phoenix Saga expansion is available to pre-order from WizKids. It seems like it's been a while since we've heard about a Dice Masters set, but obviously they're still coming out
If you see a spider, you shouldn't squish it. They're beneficial to have around. They take out more annoying pests like Venom and Carnage. And you can get a bunch more spiders in your house by picking
Fantasy Flight has some new releases available for you over in their webshop as well as at your LGS. If you're wanting the new Marvel Champions expansion, you've got a big one in the form of The Rise
When the going gets tough, super heroes team up so they can take on whatever threat might be facing Earth. Kitbash Games is getting you a new superhero team for your Pulp City games with Heroes of Aeg
So, if someone were to say to you, "I have the power of an ant!" you might initially laugh at them. Ants aren't exactly tough to smoosh underfoot. But Ant-Man is not a super her to be taken lightly. A
Often, the super heroes underestimate the foe that they're fighting. They go in, ready to serve out justice, but get blasted back. But heroes never give up. They regroup, reconfigure, restrategize, an
Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can. So, he can scare most people into hitting him with a shoe even though he's just there to eat bugs that would be a major nuisance otherwise, I guess.
If time travel exists, then it's probably always existed since, you know... time travel. At least, that's one way to look at it. Kang is a master time traveler and he's looking to rule. The heroes are
You ever just have those days where you're hungry the whole time? You have lunch and yet you're still hungry. You grab a snack but you're still hungry. You try and ignore it. Your stomach just seems a
Yes, there's a lot more than just four figures in the set. That wouldn't make for a very big HeroClix set, would it? After what feels like forever, there's some new HeroClix figures that you can go pi
WizKids has a new HeroClix Battlegrounds set coming out soon. This time, it sees the Avengers versus some of the darkest and deranged villains ever. It's Avengers vs. Masters of Evil. You can go ahead
Another new HeroClix set is coming out soon. Want to know what you could possibly be getting in those packs before you open them? WizKids is here to help. They've got a trio of new figure previews up
A new HeroClix set is coming next month. So, it seems a good time to see some more previews of the minis you could be getting. This time around, it's the villain side of things as we take a look at 4
Cats have sharp vision, razor-sharp claws, keen hearing, and always land on their feet. They're already basically superheroes. But what if they actually had more super powers beyond those already ment
It's been a while since we've gotten a new HeroClix preview, it seems. Well, a new one is coming out soon based around the Fantastic Four. Check out the first three figures from the set below.
High school is a pretty awkward time for everyone involved. Even those that feel like they fit in well are trying to figure out everything that's going on. So, if you're a super hero and having to dea
With Coronavirus impacting every aspect of life, that includes not letting people go to work. As such, it's hard to get new things made. In this case, it's WizKids letting us know what products they'l
So, you've played all your games a couple dozen times and you're looking for something new. Well, why not have both a game you know and a new way to play it? That's what you get here with some new gam
Want to see what's in the Justice League Unlimited set for HeroClix? Well, WizKids has posted up a bunch of unboxing videos that you can check out. See just what sort of figures you'll find inside tho
Being able to fly. Having super speed. Having super strength. Being able to teleport. Telepathy. Whatever your super hero power of choice, you can build a character that can use it in Ascendant, the s