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Super-Skill Pinball

The Holiday Season is nearly upon us. I know a lot of people hate on it, but I love it. And one thing I love the most are the movies. And this set for Super-Skill Pinball includes boards for two of my
If you're a pinball wizard, then WizKids has a new product on their website for you. They've got a new expansion for Super-Skill Pinball all about Star Trek. And it's not just the original and/or Next
Pinball machines are well-known for having nearly infinite iterations. So, why can't it be that way on your tabletop? WizKids has announced Super-Skill Pinball: Star Trek that doesn't just cover 1 of
Pinball games all work on the same basic principle: hit the little ball around into things and keep it from falling. That means it can be infinitely reskinned with new tabletops to create new experien