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As I work at catching up with all the everything from the past week, here's a mix of the terrain articles from the past couple days, along with some bite-sized gaming stories. I certainly can use the
This has been quite a week. There's been all the excitement coming out of GAMA, with lots of great announcements being made. And tomorrow I've got Board Game Day up at the library. I'm feeling a bit d
Time has been playing weird tricks this week, I feel. The first several days flew by. Thursday took an eternity. Now, today's doing a little bit of both. I feel like it should be later than it is, so
Friiiiiiidaaaaaaay! The gateway to the weekend. Hopefully you've got some gaming planned for the next couple days. I don't have anything specific lined up, but there's still plenty of time. At the ver
The week continues along, as it tends to do. It's only just today that I really realized that this upcoming weekend is a long one for those of us here in the US. The 4th of July falls on Monday. So th
It's almost here, everyone! The weekend will be here before you know it! Along with the gaming, I'm certainly ready for pizza for dinner tonight. The Ramen I've been having is getting a bit old on the
I've really been looking forward to this weekend. Not that the work week's been bad, mind you. It's actually gone by in a flash. No, I'm just ready for a full weekend of gaming (and article-writing, w
The work week marches on (as Glenn Miller - American Patrol plays on Pandora). We're halfway there, beautiful watchers. We've made it to Wednesday. Let's keep on keepin' on and make our way to the res
I live my life on the internet. Obviously, I work here. But I also find my entertainment here. Along with going to dozens of gaming websites every day, I also stop by several webcomics, one of which i
Well, we're working our way through it. The work week is just about half-over. I hope it's going well for you. It's been alright over here. Gotten a lot of stuff done already this week. Hoping to keep
Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaay!Woooooooooooooooooo!Can you tell I'm excited? What can I say? I love weekends and Friday is the gateway to the weekend. I'm like a kid in school ready to bust out and... well, I do
And here we are again at Wednesday. I hope your week is treating you well. The hectic nature of the early week is making its way for a generally calm mid-week. With any luck, that will continue on.One
Friday! Glorious Friday!Time to kick back, relax, and hopefully get some gaming on.It's also time for another group of bite-sized stories before we head into the weekend.In this batch we have: Kromlec
As if there weren't already enough going on at Gen Con, there's yet more to find out about. Hey, knowing early lets you plan, and going to Gen Con without a plan means you'll end up missing out on qui
They say time goes by when you're having fun. Apparently, I've been having the time of my life all week, since it's just rushed on by. I swear I was writing up the Monday Terrain Corner about an hour
The work week rolls on. I'm once more in my Wednesday attire (Kansas State Baseball practice jersey over SIUE t-shirt), which is appropriate, seeing as it is Wednesday. With any luck, your week is goi
The work week rolls on. We've made it halfway through. Just another couple days and we'll be blissfully back into the weekend. For some of you, that weekend will include San Diego Comic Con. I... will
Tomorrow, Syrinscape and Lone Wolf Development will be teaming up to bring you a unique online resource to help improve your RPG game sessions. Colen McAlister (lead developer for Hero Lab) and Benjam
Half there.We're half there to back to the weekend.This weekend will be a rather busy one. Tomorrow it's set-up for the CMON Expo and Friday it starts. We've got a lot planned, especially for Saturday
Syrinscape has another pair of SoundSet Packs in order to enhance your gaming sessions. This time they go to the sci-fi side of things with Mech Battle and Nuclear Submarine. The exciting, explosion-f
Syrinscape has the solution to making sure you get a bit more out of your gaming experiences by filling your gaming area with appropriate music and sound effects. They now have released their complete
Paizo and Syrinscape are teaming together to bring some auditory life to your RPG sessions.SourceFrom the announcement:Syrinscape is thrilled to announce today the release of the Burnt Offerings Sound
Syrinscape has teamed up with Paizo to make the official soundtracks to be used with Pathfinder.SourceFrom the press release:With great excitement, Syrinscape is pleased to confirm today we are now wo
Syrinscape ambiance music for your gaming sessions is no available through the Appstore and Google Play.SourceFrom the announcement:Syrinscape is an easy to use app that adds evocative ambient backgro
Syrinscape is a soundtrack app that can help bring mood music to your gaming sessions, improving the overall ambiance of the events.From the announcement:Syrinscape will transform your next role-playi