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We're halfway there, folks. Halfway back to the weekend. Woo! After this, it's just that slide downhill. I've got D&D coming up. I'm ridiculously happy about that, as I'm hoping we can finish off
Would you like a job in the gaming industry? Maybe you don't feel you're cut out for game design, or you're not interested in doing warehouse work, and your painting game isn't quite up to par. There'
Talk Wargaming posted a review of some of Curious Constructs' artillery piece models. Go see what they had to say.SourceFrom the post:Curious Constructs range of Field Artillery includes 4 weapon vari
Talk Wargaming gives us their thoughts on the Orc SMG Squad from Kromlech in this new review article.SourceFrom the post:Kromlech is one of the top 3rd party producers of everything orky, and for this
Talk Wargaming sat down with Tim Kline from Gangfight Games to talk about Mechadrome.SourceFrom the interview:Who doesn't love Mechs? The idea of taking control of a giant walking death machine is sur