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Talon Strikes Studios

Summercamp. I never went to one, but I lived vicariously through my friends that went (along with watching Salute Your Shorts). Wheter you went to camp or not, if you're loning to get yourself some co
Ah, the jousting match. An icon in medieval stories. Two knights, clad in the toughest of armor, armed with massive lances, riding the stoutest of horses go barreling towards each other, looking to kn
I love bluffing mechanics in games. Being able to keep some information secret from your opponent while you play can add a lot of interesting elements to a game. What card do they really have there? W
As we hunker down here for what could potentially be the first major winter weather event here in Atlanta (in which the temperatures are supposed to be above freezing, except for an hour or so, I'm no
All Us Geeks takes a look at the Prohibition-era card game, Hooch, in this video preview.SourceFrom the post:Jeff takes a look at Hooch, from Talon Strikes Studios, on Kickstarter through October 20,
Club Fantasci's David Lowry sits down with Jason Washburn from Talon Strikes Studios about their Hooch card game, currently up on Kickstarter.SourceFrom the post:Hooch is a card game set during the Pr
Eat Your Comics gives us their thoughts on Hooch from Talon Strikes Studios in this new article.SourceFrom the article:Whenever a new game comes into your path, you cannot help but feel nervous. Playi
Club Fantasci gives us an in-depth look at Hooch, the new card game from Talon Strikes Studios.SourceFrom the post:Become the most respected Syndicate Leader in all of Temperance Town by collecting th
Talon Strikes Studios has a Kickstarter up and running for Hooch, their board game of prohibition and speakeasies. SourceFrom the campaign:Hooch by Talon Strikes Studios is live on Kickstarter. Join t
Club Fantasci shows off Hooch, a game they consider to be the epitome of "doing marketing right."SourceFrom the post:Every now and then something comes across the desk that just makes you go “Yeah! Th