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Tasty Minstrel Games

And we are once more awash in the glow that is Saturday.Isn't it just lovely?To all my friends downtown at Dragon Con, "Hey there!" Me? I won't be getting closer any than my Kroger to downtown this we
If you're a regular reader, I'm sure you've figured out that my favorite day of the week is Saturday. And, I mean, it's gaming day. What's not to love about it? Hopefully you've found some gaming to b
Half there.We're half there to back to the weekend.This weekend will be a rather busy one. Tomorrow it's set-up for the CMON Expo and Friday it starts. We've got a lot planned, especially for Saturday
Tasty Minstrel Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Eminent Domain: Battlecrusiers and Eminent Domain: Exotica. Battlecruisers is a new stand-alone game in the same universe as Eminent Domain,
Tasty Minstrel Games is looking to expand their team. They're getting a new website. They're getting some of their other assets in order. They've been talking with their fan base to see what areas the
Welcome, friends, to Saturday. Another week is over and it's time to relax with some gaming. When this posts, I'll be in the middle of a D&D session. The current DM and I are gonna tag out once more a
Well, well, well. Here we are at another Saturday. I hope that those of you out in Boston for PAX East are having a good time, enjoying the cold and snow and all that. Here in Atlanta, it's rainy and
We've got another Saturday here on TGN and that means a collection of the review stories we found throughout the week. What are others saying about the games you're interested in playing? Read on to f
As usual, here's the reviews we found during the week.There's quite a few of them. We've got a pair of reviews for Blurble, a look at Dice Crawl from SoulJar Games, an Imperial Assault unboxing, a loo
Tasty Minstrel Games has two weeks left on their Bomb Squad Kickstarter campaign. They're getting really close to their goal. Will your pledge be the one that takes them over?SourceFrom the campaign:B
Club Fantasci weighs anchor and takes a look at Harbour by Tasty Minstrel Games in this review article.SourceFrom the post:Maurice Fitzgerald reviews "Harbour" by Tasty Minstrel Games currently on Kic
Tasty Minstrel Games is running a Kickstarter for Harbour, their new worker/resource placement board game.SourceFrom the campaign:Are you ready for the rising tides of Harbour? HOOK - Easy to learn
The Board Game Show has posted episode 13 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Scott Bogen interviews designer Ed Marriott about his game of hot pepper farming,
TMG is running a Kickstarter for Scoville, their new board game pepper farming.I put that s---- on everything.SourceFrom the campaign:You’ve been hired by the town of Scoville to meet their need for h
Tasty Minstrel Games kicked off a very short-time Kickstarter campaign for Coin Age, their new quick-to-play board game.SourceFrom the campaign:Coin Age is a quick-playing area control game with lots
Tasty Minstrel Games is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a Winter Promo Pack for their popular Dungeon Roll game.SourceFrom the campaign:We are very excited to be able to make these ava