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The week continues to trundle along. I don't know what's up, but my sense of what day it is is all screwed up this week. Woke up going, "woah! It's Thursday already!" and just can't seem to wrap my mi
TTCombat's got some new releases coming out this week and they wanted to make sure you saw what they had in mind Check out their latest update so you can know what to save your nickels for.
There's a new faction available for Rumbleslam from TTCombat. They've also got a bunch of terrain as they continue their series of Convent pieces. You can head over and check them all out now.
Delays are bound to happen in product releases even at the best of times. Right now? It's just kinda nice when some things are only delayed by a couple weeks. That's what happened with some of March's
And we've made it to Thursday. The work week's more than half done. Just gotta slide our way back down to the weekend. And it's not supposed to be as hot today here. I'm certainly happy for that. It w
TTCombat has some new figures and terrain coming this week. What, exactly? Glad you asked. We get a look at a new Rumbleslam team. Some more Convent scenery. And some new halflings.
A bit of a regular post and a Terrain Corner post all in one here with TTCombat's latest batch of releases. They have three new ships available for Dropfleet Commander as well as a new sci-fi gothic t
And we come to a journalist's least-favorite day of the year. The amount of time I waste trying to sift through the extra nonsense today is staggering. That's why you're getting a ton of Kickstarter c
I didn't have the best weekend. Just didn't feel well and even missed gaming on Sunday because of it. While there's no such thing as a "do over" like that, I am hoping that this week can go by calmly
Woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. Can't say that I'm annoyed by thinking it's one day back in the week instead of one day forward. Just means that it's that much closer to the weekend th
And we've circled back around to Monday. I have to say, the time change is still messing with me, even though it's been more than a week at this point since it jumped an hour. Been staying up too late
I don't honestly think aliens are visiting Earth. Trust me. I wish they were. I'd be on the first flight out of here. Not because I hate living here. I enjoy Earth a lot. But I'd leave because, it's l
arcanepretzel 30 days ago
"It's a cook book, Bear, it's a cook book!"
And we're back to Monday. Thankfully, the start of this week is hasn't been nearly as busy as last week finished. I could use a little more chill week. The time change, as usual, is rough. But we'll g
Thursday. Thursday of a very busy week. But, I'm getting through it (and hopefully you are too). Soon, it will be the weekend again. I can definitely use a break this weekend, that's for sure. But, in
Back to Monday already? It would appear that's the case. It's just like clockwork each week. Speaking of, today's Terrain Corner features new gear-themed terrain from TTCombat. Have yourselves a look-
Thursday. The work week is mostly over with. No complaints here as you known I'm always ready for the weekend. But before we get there, we need to make your gaming tables look good. And today's Terrai
A whole new batch of releases from Paizo have hit game store shelves. Books, accessories, mats, and more for Pathfinder and Starfinder are now available. Want to know more about them? Just continue re
Just a couple days into March and Corvus Belli has us excited for the end of the month. They've posted up what new figures they're coming out with for Infinity. Along with those, there's a terrain set
This weekend, I basically did nothing. And you know, it was kinda nice. Mostly, it involved watching the Today I Found Out channel on YouTube. Nice and relaxing and just a touch educational. But now i
This week's pre-orders from Games Workshop focus around the new big-box release for Kill Team. It's the Pariah Nexus set. But that's not all. There's new 40k sets for the Space Marines and Necrons as
Thursday. I could generally get a handle on Thursdays. This week seems to be going by fine, so I'm good with it. Start of the week went by quick, but unlike last week, where I woke up on Thursday and
We've made it back around to Monday. We all knew it was going to happen. Might as well make the best of it by making your gaming tables look good. As such, today in the terrain corner we have:
I kept thinking that yesterday was Thursday and that today would be Friday. Woke up still thinking that way. Obviously, though, it's not Friday quite yet. We've still got Thursday to deal with. That s
We're back to Monday. It was bound to happen since time is experienced linearly. I had a good weekend. I sorta discombobulated my DM by, instead of going A, B, C, D, like they were expecting with thei
Yesterday, I was worried that thinking it was Thursday already would make this work week take a long time to get through. I woke up this morning thinking, "Oh, it's already Thursday." So, apparently,