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The new Kill Team box set comes with lots of Orky terrain for your tabletop. And if it was just a preview of how the pieces look, that'd make for a regular Terrain Corner entry. However, in this previ
Thursday. We're making our way through the week and will soon be back at the weekend. As always, I'm ready for it. It's been a little busy week. Not that it's a bad thing. Makes time go by fast. Anywa
This week's been a really slow starter for me. Just couldn't seem to get going. Ah well, I'll get there. And hopefully you will as well. In the meantime, as we all get some more caffeine in us, let's
Thursday. Considering how wonky the work week felt at the beginning, it seems to be evening out. Yesterday felt like a Wednesday. I can say that today fairly well feels like a Thursday. I guess that's
I don't know what it was about yesterday evening, but it felt like it was Monday evening already, despite it being Sunday. I don't know why it felt that way. I didn't do any sort of Monday activities,
I've still not quite figured out the flow of time this week. Yesterday seemed to take forever, but today, I've still be like, "ok, it's already Thursday." That means a Terrain Corner for you all. So,
For all I was talking about the week going by fast, I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. Obviously, that's not the case. We've still go Thursday to get through. But it'll be alright. And as
Thursday. I feel like I've got a handle on this Thursday, even if I can't use my right thumb still. But it's all good. The weekend will be here before we know it. And then, a couple days of just relax
So, you've got your new Sisters of Battle on order. But what will you be able to put your name on the list to get this upcoming week? Games Workshop answers that with this preview. New Gaunts Ghosts,
Paizo has a bunch of new releases hitting game store and online shelves. There's new products for both Pathfinder and Starfinder, as expected, including new books, pawns, and a whole bunch of maps and
And we've swung back around to Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. I went to the local farmer's market on Saturday and picked up some new hot sauces as well as cucumbers to make pickles with. I'm r
Big release week again for TTCombat. There's a bunch of new wrestlers for Rumbleslam. They've also got 5 new terrain kits that you can pick up. Head over and check them all out.
Thursday! The week continues to shoot on by. No complaints here, of course. It just means it's closer to the weekend. And I'm always ready for the weekend. But before we get there, we need to make you
It's a very big release day for TTCombat. They've got 5 different kits available now for Carnevale as well as a whole bunch of new terrain to jazz up your tabletops with. Head on over and check them a
And the week continues humming along. We've made it to Thursday. So, that means making your gaming table look better. Today's Terrain Corner entry is a bit more direct in that goal. Check it out.
Don't put your head in the sand over this one. TTCombat is giving us a look at this week's upcoming releases. That includes a new unit for Carnevale. They're dudes riding ostriches. That's something y
TTCombat had themselves a busy Friday. They've got a giant amount of Dropzone Commander restocks available. But they've also got new MDF terrain as they continue their Convent line. Head on over and c
The week continues to trundle along. I don't know what's up, but my sense of what day it is is all screwed up this week. Woke up going, "woah! It's Thursday already!" and just can't seem to wrap my mi
TTCombat's got some new releases coming out this week and they wanted to make sure you saw what they had in mind Check out their latest update so you can know what to save your nickels for.
There's a new faction available for Rumbleslam from TTCombat. They've also got a bunch of terrain as they continue their series of Convent pieces. You can head over and check them all out now.
Delays are bound to happen in product releases even at the best of times. Right now? It's just kinda nice when some things are only delayed by a couple weeks. That's what happened with some of March's
And we've made it to Thursday. The work week's more than half done. Just gotta slide our way back down to the weekend. And it's not supposed to be as hot today here. I'm certainly happy for that. It w
TTCombat has some new figures and terrain coming this week. What, exactly? Glad you asked. We get a look at a new Rumbleslam team. Some more Convent scenery. And some new halflings.
A bit of a regular post and a Terrain Corner post all in one here with TTCombat's latest batch of releases. They have three new ships available for Dropfleet Commander as well as a new sci-fi gothic t
And we come to a journalist's least-favorite day of the year. The amount of time I waste trying to sift through the extra nonsense today is staggering. That's why you're getting a ton of Kickstarter c