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Terrain Corner

Thursday. We're just about to the weekend. I'm planning on going out to do my monthly grocery shopping today. I'll need to make sure to pick up plenty of chicken nuggets since also today, the first sh
It was inevitable. Like sands through an hourglass, these are the Mondays of our lives. The weekend is over. The work week is here again. But we'll get to another weekend eventually. And hopefully we'
Thursday. I know a lot of people never quite get a handle on Thursdays, but I tend to like them. It's almost the weekend. I've got some D&D this weekend, as per usual. And while we're playing onli
And we've circled back around to Monday. It was inevitable, of course. The sun continues to rise in the east. Anyway, we might as well make the most of it and get your tabletops looking as good as pos
This must be a Thursday. Never could get a handle on Thursdays. Actually, it's not so bad. It's just been a rather busy week. That's fine, of course, because it means the week's been going by quickly.
Aaaaaaaand we're back to Monday. We knew it'd happen eventually. Doesn't really mean we have to like it. However, we should make the most of it while it's here. Get ourselves prepped and back into the
It's kinda Thursday. It's kinda Friday. Thursday because it's the day after Wednesday. Friday because I have tomorrow off for the holiday (though I'll still be doing some TGN posts. So, don't worry th
Thursday already? This week's going by quickly, at least for me. I'm hoping that yours is going by quickly and without a lot of speed bumps. We'll soon be back at the weekend and all the hopeful fun i
Monday. We're back to the start of the work week. We knew it was going to happen. And here we are. But, hopefully, you have some memories of the games you played over the weekend to keep you going unt
chief_l 209 days ago
I got my first book of Loke Battle Mats a couple months ago, and was quite happy about it. The quality is nice, and they provide quite a bit of versatility. There’s also a LOT of content packed in those books.
Thursday. Gateway to the gateway to the weekend. Friday Eve. Just a little longer and we'll make it back to the weekend. As always, I'm excited about that. I've got D&D both Saturday and Sunday. I
Thursday. We'll get through this week. One foot in front of the other. I hope you're safe and healthy out there. These are rather intense times we're living in. Remember to take care of yourself when
Monday. And it's being a very Monday-Monday. Woke up to water dripping from my bedroom ceiling. We'll see how long it takes maintenance to come out and see why I suddenly have a new shower fixture whe
Thursday. We're making our way steadily through the week. Last night, a friend was talking about wanting salty caramel brownies. I mentioned that I can very definitely make those. So, long story short
And we've wrapped back around to Monday. It was inevitable. I had an incredibly productive weekend. Saturday I did a bunch of random chores, but also reviewed hot honey and made a Garguilo burger, alo
Thursday. The week's making its way along. I hope yours is going well. Mine's had some spots here and there, but overall it's been good. Today? The adventure of grocery shopping. Remember when saying
Alright. We're making it through the week. It's Thursday, and for many here in the US, it's a 3-day weekend. Of course, I haven't been leaving the apartment regularly in months, but still, waking up o
Thursday. The work week's mostly over with. It'll be the weekend soon enough. I don't have any gaming coming up, but that's fine. Not every weekend is going to be able to have it. But I can still work
And we've swung back around to Monday. I had a great weekend of gaming, playing D&D both Saturday and Sunday. Good campaigns, both of them. One was actually started because if we're playing D&
Thursday. We're making our way through the work week just fine. Yesterday, things slowed down for my "racing through the week" that had been going on. But Wednesdays always do that for me, somewhat. H
Thursday. Not quite Friday. No longer Wednesday. The week's winding its way down again. Soon, it'll be the weekend. I hope you have some good stuff lined up. I've got Session 0 of a new Eberron game c
Monday. We've made it through the weekend and are back to work. I hope your weekend was good. I had a good game of D&D and also unboxed a huge package I'd gotten from Marie Sharp's hot sauces. Tha
It's Thursday. That means a couple things: The weekend is almost here. I have a rest day from my workouts. We need to get you some terrain stories so that you can make your gaming tables look as good
Thursday. We're getting through the week. It's the last part of that middle 3 days that can sometimes come as a surprise. "Wait. You mean it's not Friday yet? The heck?" It'll be alright. We'll make i
And we've rounded back to Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. Those that celebrated Easter or Passover, I hope it was a good celebration. I'm sure it was probably different than years past, but tha
Thursday. We've almost made it back to the weekend. I'm certainly ready for it. Though this week has been going by relatively quickly, it's also been just kinda tough. But we'll make it through. And w