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<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Yeah. Giant Robot Alert. Though we saw previews for the Imperial and Chaos Knights at the same time, the Imperials came out a couple weeks ago, but it's just now that the
As usual, over the weekend, Games Workshop added new products to their pre-order store. They come in 3 forms: Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, and Warcry. Head on through to check out these new kits and
And so, we've come to Thursday. I can normally get a handle on Thursdays and I think this one's going alright. Though, I do need to figure out what I want to cook next week and that's been proving a b
The week continues to rocket by, at least for me. It's like, "Oh, already Thursday? Ok... I have a ton of stuff I still need to do..." So, while it's good that it's Thursday because... I mean, closer
So, it's not just me. A friend messaged me this morning with, "It's Thursday?" And I was like, "Apparently." This week just feels weird to a lot of people, I guess. But we're getting through it. Just
It's Monday. And I've got Jury Duty. ... woo... So, while you read this, I'm going to be in court. Fun times. At least it's in the jury box and not behind the Defendant's table. Anyway, as I hear abou
Paizo's got double-digit release totals for you this month. They've got 10 new products spread across Pathfinder and Starfinder and includes new supplements, maps, accessories, adventures, and more.
It's Thursday? ... Sure. Why not? It's Thursday. No other day has felt like the right one. Why should today? It's apparently Thursday. Ok. I can deal with that. It also means I can make your gaming ta
Monday? Yeah, I guess I can do a Monday. I mean, we all need to do Monday whether we want to or not. But we can at least make the most of it by making our gaming tables look good. And that's what we'v
Yesterday was the first day this week that I didn't clock out and almost instantly go to bed. So, I guess I'm feeling better. Not sure what was knocking me out the first part of the week, but I'm glad
It's an all-Blood Bowl pre-order weekend for Games Workshop. The new Norsca team is in the tunnel, ready to hit the pitch. Speaking of, they've even got their own pitch you can pick up, plus cards, di
Thursday? I can dig it. Y'know, I have been doing TGN for over 10 years now. Back when I started, I distinctly having a conversation with my boss at the time over, "should we even cover a Kickstarter
I'm gonna be honest. No day has felt like the day that it actually is this week. Monday didn't feel like Monday. Tuesday didn't feel like Tuesday. And neither did yesterday or today feel "right," eith
A new battle box set is out for Age of Sigmar. Well, up for pre-order, anyway. It's the Arena of Shades set and it's just one of the new pre-orders available from Games Workshop. That includes a bunch
Thursday? I can dig it. We keep making our way through the week. That weekend is almost here again. As always, I'm excited. I'm also excited about making your gaming tables look as good as possible. S
So, what's in store next week in Games Workshop's webshop? Well, the new box set for Age of Sigmar, for starters. But also, in a nod to our Terrain Corner feature, there's a whole bunch of 40k terrain
Monday again? I guess we're gonna do this. Hopefully, it won't be so bad. Yeah. That's what we need! Optimism! This week is going to be just fine! I had D&D yesterday and we're playing again next
At various points last night, I was like, "It's Friday! Woo!" and then I was like, "Not only is it not Friday, it's not even Thursday yet. Calm yourself." Ah well, it might not be the weekend yet, but
Kill Team is front and center with this week's pre-orders from Games Workshop. Nachmund, the new box set is available. As are some kits for the Adeptus Sororitas and T'au, along with a new book. There
Hellooooo, Thursday. Is that the weekend coming up? It is! Hooray! I'm always ready for a couple of days off. And I'm sure you are, too. But before we get there, we need to finish some stuff up, inclu
Kill Team gets the focus next week from Games Workshop. The new Nachmund box set comes up for pre-order, along with some other new books and kits, plus terrain. For more general-product info, there's
Another weekend goes by. Another bunch of pre-orders go into the Games Workshop webshop. This time around, the big two are a pair of Battletomes for Age of Sigmar. You've got the Idoneth Deepkin and t
Thursday? Awesome! I'm ready to get to the weekend. I've got D&D again and it should be another good session. And while we're playing online, it'd be nice to play in person eventually. There, we'l
The Aeldari are the big thing this week. But next week, the pendulum swings towards the fantasy side of things with Games Workshop's next batch of pre-orders. Both the Idoneth Deepkin and Fyreslayers
Monday. No, it's not most people's favorite day. But we can make it through if we work at it. And to help, I'm here to make your gaming tables look better for when you can get back to the weekend and