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The Horus Heresy

Not out in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Open? Well, you don't have to miss out on all the previews that Games Workshop has going on out there. They've posted them up in one, convenient spot for you to
One of the first shows of the year, the Las Vegas Open is just a couple days away and Games Workshop is going to be showing off plenty of new stuff there. Won't be attending? That's alright, you can s
Just walking into battle? Pfeh. How pedestrian. Better to get on your bikes and ride! Your hovering future-bikes that is. Get a look at the Sky-hunter Squadron coming for The Horus Heresy in this arti
Games Workshop is wrapping up their Exemplary Battles series with a new scenario for you to download. It's the Iron Hands vs. the Blood Angles. Who will win out? That's for you to decide in this The H
The reals of Chaos are on display from Games Workshop this week as part of their pre-orders. Age of Sigmar gets the big bulk of it, but there's a new Horus mini available as well. For those not follow
One shot, one kill. That's what the Exodus Assassin's motto is. Get a look at this Alpha Legion mini in this new preview for The Horus Heresy from Games Workshop.
New year, new pre-releases. Games Workshop is showing off next week's latest batch. It's mostly 40k and some Horus Heresy. But they sneak a Blood Bowl set in there as well.
The year is winding down. I'm sure some of you might've noticed that there's been not quite so many news stories to tell you about each day. As the various companies start to go on a bit of a vacation
Looking to make an impact on the battlefield? The Typhon can help with that. Based on the Spartan chassis, it takes all that cargo room and turns it into big boom with a massive cannon. You can check
With Christmas approaching, the pre-orders are getting a bit thinner on the ground. But that doesn't mean that Games Workshop has nothing for you coming up this weekend. They've got the new Cursed Cit
The Horus Heresy takes 40k back to the... well, the Horus Heresy. Games Workshop has posted up a new FAQ for the iteration of the game, as well as free rules for old Solar Auzilia units that have been
As usual, the weekend brought us a new batch of pre-releases from Games Workshop. Much of the big stuff is for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and its new box set and book. But there's more than
We had an Age of Sigmar week. We had a 40k and Necromunda week. Next week's for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, it would seem. There's some other stuff thrown in as well, plus the next White Dw
Today, the plan is to clean out my fridge and freezer so I can make room for the giant list of groceries I plan on getting over the weekend so I can make not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners next wee
As is their custom, Games Workshop has a new batch of pre-orders available in their webshop. This week's offerings center around Age of Sigmar and The Horus Heresy, but there's some Necromunda thrown
Sure, plenty of models in The Horus Heresy are capable of getting right in and up on their opponents to take them out, but if you're looking for a bit more of a long-range solution to enemies on the b
It seems as though time is still slowing down, which is not entirely a complaint. For me, October flew by so fast, we got into November and I'd barely even bought any Halloween candy, let alone ate it
Age of Sigmar gets itself some new boxes as well as the Ogor battletome. There's a new book and miniatures for The Horus Heresy. Necromunda also gets a couple kits. And that's just the beginning for n
We've had the two-player starter for a bit, but now, the Leagues of Votann are getting their major line pre-release over in the Games Workshop webshop. The Codex, along with a whole ton of kits are no
Saying, "it's a short list of pre-releases coming next week" would be a low blow. So, I won't do that. Instead, I'll just say that the codex for the Leagues of Votann is coming, along with a whole ton
The Predator tank has long been a staple of Adeptus Astartes forces. How long? As far back as 10,000 years ago. Get a look at the Predator Support Tank coming soon for The Horus Heresy from Games Work
It's almost weird to say that I'm not exactly ready for the weekend yet. I mean, I'm excited for the weekend, of course, but like the last few, this week's felt like it's simply flown by. Yesterday, I
Age of Sigmar gets the biggest pre-releases this week (literally and figuratively) with two Battletomes and some new kits. They're the Lumineth Realm-Lords and the Sons of Behemat. But 40k gets a new
And another quick week (at least, it felt that way for me) is almost done. I don't have a ton planned this weekend, partially because I'm going to get my latest jab tomorrow. So, I expect Sunday to co
A new (well, old, but you know what I mean) Dark Angels hero is looking to make his way to tabletops in The Horus Heresy soon. It's Corswain and he's got one impressive sword to swing at heretics.