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The King is Dead

Well, as I sit here, assembling The Horus Heresy set, working on articles related to it for next week and beyond, I think about other games and other review articles.Oh hey, here's a whole bunch of th
Happy Halloween, everyone!Whether you're going out to a party or staying in, celebrate the holiday with some spooky-themed gaming. At least, that'd be my suggestion.But how do you know what will and w
The King is Dead! Long Live the New King! ... Wait... who is the new king?Nobody's quite figured that one out yet. That's where you come in with Osprey Publishing's new (and first) board game, The Kin
The King is dead! Long live the king!Wait, who is the new king? ... Umm... that's not been figured out yet. It's also the main goal in The King is Dead, the new board game by Osprey Publishing. It is,