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The Secret Cabal

Tuesday. ... Sure, it can be Tuesday. It's also the end of January. Normally, this month feels like it takes half the year to go by. The first 3 weeks felt like they went by in 1 day. Last week felt l
You know how I've said that this January has really been just flying on by? I think it's all catching up with me as I'm sitting here going, "how is it only Tuesday? It should definitely be at least Th
It's already Tuesday. That's what happens with those long weekends. Catapulted right into the meaty part of the week. I'm ready for it... kinda... Ok, maybe not, but some gaming podcasts will help get
Happy New Year, everyone! It was a nice little mini-hibernation I had over the holidays and now it's back into the swing of work. The nice thing is that it's already Tuesday. So, the next weekend is a
Tuesday. And not just any Tuesday, but my last full working week of the year. Yup, the last couple weeks I'm taking off. Not really planning on going anywhere, but definitely gonna relax. I hope you'r
Tuesday. Already Tuesday. And I've got the first part of Thanksgiving cooking already. I'm making a fresh batch of apple cider because it's best with a couple days of age on it for the spices to all m
Hello, Tuesday. Good to see you. I'm happy you're here because you're supposed to be 10 degrees cooler today than Monday. Yesterday afternoon, I was downright hot in my apartment. Today's supposed to
It's Tuesday again. Of course, that's not a complaint. I'm always one for a quick week. And to help it keep chugging along, let's listen in on some gaming podcasts. This week on the dial we have:
Tuesday already? I guess that's what happens when you sleep through much of Monday. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better today and am ready to... well... get this week over with. :P To help that along,
My Monday was spent going back and forth between unconsciousness and Forged in Fire. Thankfully, I'm feeling much more awake today... kinda... Oh well, I'll make it through, and some gaming podcasts w
And we've made it to Tuesday. I hope the start of your week was as smooth as possible. It was a busy one for me, but I got everything done on my list, so that's always good. Ready for Tuesday and the
Having Monday off and going to the LGS for Build & Paint night really has launched me into the work week. I hope you had a good Monday, whether you were off or not. But seeing as it's Tuesday, let
Tuesday! We're into the work week proper now. I hope your Monday wasn't so bad and that you're making your way through today easily as well. Let's help things along some more and speed us towards the
Tuesday? Already? I've mentioned it before, but going to Build & Paint night at the LGS really does make my weeks feel that much faster. And as always, that's not a complaint. To help continue the
"Oh... right... it's Tuesday." Me when getting to the 2pm post and remembering that it's Podcast Radio day. I don't know why I find the concept of today being Tuesday so surprising. And yet, here I am
Tuesday already? I'm down with that. Monday seems to have just flown by. Of course, that's not a complaint. I don't know too many people who wish Monday would just linger around. But, seeing as it's T
And we're back. I hope everyone that had yesterday off had a great Juneteenth. For those that didn't, well, it's still Tuesday, so that's gotta be good for something, right? Well, I think it is. It me
Already Tuesday? I guess that'll happen when you clock out and basically nap until bedtime and then go straight to bed and sleep all through the night. But considering how much sleep I got over the we
Hello, Tuesday. Monday was cool(ish) and rainy all day. It was amazing. Today's not supposed to be really as cool or rainy... lame. But, we've got some gaming podcasts to help out, anyway. Today on th
And we're into Tuesday. I hope your work week is treating you well. We're into the thick of it now. Gotta push on through and make it to the weekend. And some gaming podcasts will definitely help. Thi
Tuesday. ... ... ... Don't know if I have much to say about it except that it's Tuesday. So, let's get to it and get some gaming podcasts for you. Quicker one today, but still, today on the dial we ha
Ugh. This morning, I woke up feeling like I was 100 years old. You'd think I had taken almost 2 weeks off from doing my workouts and then got back into them again just yesterday... ... oh... Well... T
Tuesday? Apparently, it's Tuesday. Who knew? Well, I'm sure a lot of people did. And yet, here I am. But seeing as it is Tuesday, let's get some gaming podcasts going. This week on the dial we have:
And we're into the real meat of the week with Tuesday being upon us. Did Monday go by quickly for anyone else? It sure did for me, it seemed. As always, that's never a complaint. Not too many people g
Happy New Year, everyone! I know, we're several days in, but still. I hope your holiday season was good and you got all the gaming stuff you wanted. But now... *sigh*... it's back to work. And yeah, I