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The Third Law

Are you ready for some full-contact robot gladiator action?Well, I hope so, otherwise the rest of this announcement's kind of wasted. The Third Law has launched on Kickstarter. In it, players take on
Hey kids. I see from my friends feed that quite a lot of you are headed to Chicago for Adepticon. I really wish I was going. I would be, but there's a bunch of proofing projects that are coming along,
I have a personal rule when it comes to games: try it before you buy it. I know a lot of you have much the same rule. I can't afford to spend money on a game I won't be playing often. So that's why I
The week rolls along (and I've got Ace of Spades playing), so you know I'm working at a pretty fevered tempo. If I'm going to keep up this pace as I work on TGN stuff and then get busy with some work