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Toyz N The Hood

Toyz 'N' The Hood has posted up their thoughts on the new Sisters of Battle codex. Go see how they felt about the new book.SourceFrom the review:Toyz N The Hood take a look at the new Sisters of Battl
Toyz N The Hood is offering free worldwide shipping for the month of July.From the announcement:The British summer has finally arrived and it's a little hot. To help you keep cool we're offering free
Toyz N The Hood went to Mantic's Open Day, took some photos, and typed up a review. Here's the results.From the article:Toyz N The Hood gets lost, goes to hospital and braves the zombie apocalypse to
Toyz N The Hood grabbed Ronnie from Mantic and has a conversation. They posted up the things that were said.From the interview:Toyz N The Hood managed to drag Ronnie Renton of Mantic Games away from h
Toyz N the Hood recently sat down with Alessio Cavatore and chatted about things. Go read what they had to say.From the interview:Toyz N The Hood interviews Alessio to talk about his current projects,
Toyz N The Hood is here for you this Christmas season with a handy guide to the new gaming stuff available this season.From the guide:With only a month to go until Christmas Toyz N The Hood can't wait
Toys N The Hood got to go to Essen and posted up a report about the convention.From them to you:Toyz n the Hood were lucky enough to be at Essen Spiele last weekend. Battling through more than 140,000
Toyz N The Hood went all-out to get this book. Was it worth it? Read the article and find out.From the review:After braving the queues at Games Day to get hold of a copy of the latest Forgeworld book
Toyz N The Hood went to Games Day 2012 and posted up an article about their experiences therein.From the post:Toyz N The Hood spent the day at Games Day 2012, queuing up and playing games so you don't
Toyz n the hood also has some new gamer apparel available over in their webstore you can check out.Ok, now back to the regularly-scheduled specifically-game-news.From the update:Toyz n the Hood is a n
Toyz N The Hood put up a review of Zombicide. Is it the zombie survival board game for you? See what they think about it.From the review:After a few nights of intensive playing Toyz N The Hood take a