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Triple Ace Games

A busy week only gets busier. Had several big projects to work on and yet I keep getting more added. But I'm also finishing off things, so I'm working my way through it all. But I could use a bit of a
Half the week is over. It won't be too long and it'll be the weekend once more. I can't wait, because it means D&D. The last session was while I was away at Gen Con, so it'll be good to get back i
There's the entries you can find in various manuals of monsters and compendiums of creatures, but many GMs wish there was a bit more. They really want to make those various baddies into major parts of
The world is ripe for exploration. Undiscovered civilizations, never-before-seen species, and forgotten treasures are out there for whomever can come across the first. But it's also a dangerous world.
The week rolls on. We're halfway there. The weekend is ever-closer as time marches on, and other sayings of "it's not yesterday anymore!" It seems people around me are feeling a bit drained. Tuesday w
Ah, Saturday. What cannot be accomplished on a day such as this?... except maybe typing correctly, since the first time through writing that I had 3 typos. *double-checks that they're all fixed* ... O
As I have said time and again, there is no such thing as having too many resources available to draw from when you are the GM/DM of an RPG group. Be it location guides or monster books or adventure mo
As you readers know, I'm a fan of cooking (and also eating). So when a game combines my joy of cooking with my joy of gaming, I take notice. Triple Ace Games has done such a thing with Halfing Feast,
And we find ourselves once more deposited here on the weekend. With any luck, yours includes gaming of some kind. Be it CCG, LCG, RPG, Minis, or something else (hey, someone out there might still be p
Polyhedron Collider sets their sights for the stars with this review of Rocket Race.SourceFrom the article:The year is 1898 and the only valuable piece of real estate to conquer in the name of Queen V
Triple Age Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Rocket Race, their card game of rocket building action.It's easier than rocket science.SourceFrom the campaign:In Rocket Race, each player repres
Triple Ace Games announces their new G-Men & Gangsters Core Setting Book. They are offering some freebies on their website. From their announcement:This weeks update is all about freebies! We have a c