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Later today, Dropfleet Commander is going to be getting some new releases in the form of a new class of ship. Every faction is getting them, and we've already seen how a couple of them work. But what
A new class of ship is coming to Dropfleet Commander. How will these smaller, sleeker ships work in the game? Glad you asked, because TTCombat has the stats for two of them up so you can prepare for t
It's not just new ships, either. It's an entirely new class of ship. All of the five factions for Dropfleet Commander are getting them and you can get a look at these Lighters now.
It's kinda Thursday. It's kinda Friday. Thursday because it's the day after Wednesday. Friday because I have tomorrow off for the holiday (though I'll still be doing some TGN posts. So, don't worry th
Thursday already? This week's going by quickly, at least for me. I'm hoping that yours is going by quickly and without a lot of speed bumps. We'll soon be back at the weekend and all the hopeful fun i
Monday. We're back to the start of the work week. We knew it was going to happen. And here we are. But, hopefully, you have some memories of the games you played over the weekend to keep you going unt
chief_l 19 days ago
I got my first book of Loke Battle Mats a couple months ago, and was quite happy about it. The quality is nice, and they provide quite a bit of versatility. There’s also a LOT of content packed in those books.
Thursday. Gateway to the gateway to the weekend. Friday Eve. Just a little longer and we'll make it back to the weekend. As always, I'm excited about that. I've got D&D both Saturday and Sunday. I
Start up the Mariachi music and grab your mask, it's time for some luchadore action with a trio of new Rumbleslam releases, available now from TTCombat. Do your best double-backflip off the turnbuckle
Some new Rumbleslam minis are out today, including Junior Jr Senor Jr. Want to know what this ghostly pair does on the mat? You can find out by checking out their stat card below.
Let Us All Prepare To Reverberate!!Rumbleslam lets you bring the crazy action of the squared circle to your tabletops. Some new wrestlers are ready to hit the mat tomorrow. One of them is The Fabulous
TTCombat has some new fantasy minis coming out. They're the halflings and it's been a rather anticipated set of releases. They're also coming out with some new Rumbleslam figures, because luchadores a
Monday. And it's being a very Monday-Monday. Woke up to water dripping from my bedroom ceiling. We'll see how long it takes maintenance to come out and see why I suddenly have a new shower fixture whe
Thursday. We're making our way steadily through the week. Last night, a friend was talking about wanting salty caramel brownies. I mentioned that I can very definitely make those. So, long story short
The folks over at TTCombat have some new Carnevale singles available for you. If you're looking to bulk up your alternate-historia Venitian figure collection, now's your chance. Head on over and check
It's looking more and more like we're not going to have much of a convention season this year. And while that's sad, it's the smart decision to make. But what about all those show-exclusive figures yo
The folks over at TTCombat have been working hard on new releases for Carnevale and now the fruits of their labor are available to you. They have two new box sets, two new single figures, and a bunch
If you're looking to get a little more portable version of the Dropzone Commander rulebook, you'll want to check out the latest set of releases from Dropzone Commander. They've got a new small format
Ok, last set of new releases for the day, I promise. I know. My wallet is very unhappy about all of it, too. But the part of my brain that's all about the shiny, new figures is going absolutely insane
Are you ready to Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumbleslam!? I certainly hope you are, because TTCombat has released a whole new edition of the game. Take your high-flying, top-turbuckle, leg-lock action to new heig
Always nice when you wake up and go, "Oh, hey, it's already (day)." That's been happening the last couple days and I'm grateful. I'm ready for the weekend and some more D&D action. Whatever type o
Modular design. It's very important. When you create something for war, you want to be able to quickly adapt it to whatever you require at the time. The engineers at the Titania Aerospace Corporation
This post could very well fit into today's Terrain Corner as well. TTCombat has some new Carnevale releases available over in their webshop. Two box sets and two single blisters can now be added to yo
The folks over at TTCombat have a host of new Dropfleet Commander ships available now. And these are some pretty big ones (in a world of big ships already). The Resistance is going to be able to resis

Tokyo Jutaku: Architecture Game
Want to take your fleet into battle? Or maybe have your ground forces roll across the terrain and grab territory? That's what you'll be doing in Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander from TTCombat. And the
Starter armies are a great way to get into a new game or a new force for a game you already play. They have everything you need to get going right away. And TTCombat has some new Dropzone Commander fo