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Despite vaccines starting to roll out, the COVID-19 pandemic is still happening. That means still social distancing and other protective measures. This all disrupts the regular way of doing things, in
TTCombat has a bunch of things they're going to be releasing this year. New minis. New terrain. Even new paint brushes. Want to get a look at all of it? They've got the full look back at their Decembe
As the year winds down, we get to what will be the last releases for the year from different companies. That's what we've got here, as TTCombat closes out 2020 with a brand new starter box for Carneva
Over the weekend, TTCombat had their regular set of new releases hit shelves. They've got their new Black Friday/Cyber Monday figures available, as well as the ones from sales past. They've also got s
With Thanksgiving tomorrow here in the US, it means deals, deals, deals aplenty coming up. One such place that will be having specials is TTCombat. How special? Well, how's free minis for you? Yeah, c
TTCombat has two ends of the spectrum in terms of releases for you this week. On one side, they have new ships for Dropfleet Commander. And they're on the pretty big size, as ships in the game go. On
TTCombat's latest faction for Dropfleet Commander is the Resistance. Since they're the new kids on the block, they don't have as many options as the other factions. However, they're catching up a litt
It's time to hit the canvas and enter the squared circle. Some new Rumbleslam releases are available from TTCombat in the form of new booster boxes for the Heavy Pounders and the Green Bruisers. Each
Middle of the week already? Sounds good to me. I'm always a fan of weekends. So, getting there quickly is nice. But, if we're going to keep up this pace, we should probably snack on something. Some bi
Carnevale has a decent-sized update this week. TTCombat has released a new box set in the form of the Holy Crusaders. They've also went back and looked over the stats for the Commedia dell'Arte factio
The Vatican's Holy Crusaders are getting some reinforcements this week in Carnevale. Head on over to the TTCombat website and check out their new box set.
Half the week gone already? It's certainly going by quickly, at least for me. Of course, considering it's Halloween coming up this weekend, I'm sure a lot of people are wanting the week to go by fast.
A trio of new superstars for Rumbleslam are out today from TTCombat. Want to know what these new wrestlers are like in the ring before you either hire them for your squad or see them in the opposing c
The folks over at TTCombat have three new releases available now for Carnevale. There's two new box sets of figures as well as a new single. So, if you're a player that has a Guild or Strigoi force, y
The Resistance is here! There's a new starter army for the Resistance in Dropzone Commander now available from TTCombat. They've also got some other new releases, including surprises they never teased
arcanepretzel 107 days ago
I'm getting some BSG vibes from the Tempest Interceptor model...mixed with, as they said, Flash Gordon. Those models are pretty as usual.
TTCombat isn't done with new Dropzone Commander releases. They're working on some new Resistance kits as well, including their new starter set (seen above). What else have they got going on? Keep read
The Day of the Dead is coming up, but you can already get celebrating early with some new Rumbleslam releases available now from TTCombat. The Calaca Cabala and their Superstar, Senora Muerte are maki
A new group of wrestlers are making their way to the Rumbleslam ring. If you thought they were your average luchadores, you'd be dead wrong. Actually, they'd be dead, because they are dead. They're th
TTCombat is looking to create a new one-stop shop for all things Dropzone Commander in the form of a new website that includes an army builder. They've posted up a version that you can go check out an
TTCombat has a big release out for the PHR for Dropzone Commander. They not only have a new unit in the form of the Valkyries and a new Mobile Command Post, but a full new starter set for you to get.
The Doctors are In. Some new releases are available for Carnevale and each one is a new class. So, what do these figures play like and where can you pick them up? TTCombat has all that info for you in
The beautiful city of Venice is home to a strange war between different mystical factions, each vying for control. Two of those factions are getting reinforcements this week as TTCombat has some new C
Thought you missed out on your chance to get the new Limited Edition minis from TTCombat? Well, you haven't! They've extended the sale period out to the 1st of September. That's not far away, so if yo
The folks over at TTCombat aren't letting the lack of in-person conventions ruin their convention exclusives for their games. You can head over to their website and order yourselves the exclusives for
I have to admit, the story behind Traffic James is dear to my heart. The name started as a typo in a Dropfleet Commander book. As an editor, I have a soft spot for those typos that make it through mul