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Gen Con's super-late this year. But that just means companies had more chance to get things prepped for the show, including show specials. Wyrd's posted what they'll have available, whether you're in
Vagrantsong is the new board game coming from Wyrd all about riding the rails in the world of Malifaux. The release is just around the corner, and to hype you up, they've posted a trailer video for th
Vagrantsong is Wyrd's upcoming ghost train board game. We got a look at a couple of the unlucky vagrants who hopped the wrong train last week. This week, we get a look at a few more of these poor, unf
You and your fellow vagabonds are just traveling from place to place as you please when you decide to hop onto a train. Little do you know that this train isn't the Santa Fe Superchief, but is a ghost