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Victory At Sea

In WWII, the aircraft carrier was one of the most vital ships in a fleet. While battleships were still seen as the dominant force on the waves, those in the know were seeing that it was the carriers t
Suffice to say that 2020 hasn't gone as anyone expected it would (apparently, nobody had 2020 vision). Many things have been delayed due to the pandemic. That includes Victory at Sea from Warlord Game
Over the seas, let's go, men. We're shovin' right off. We're shovin' right off again. *does a little jig on the deck*
WWII was a time before satellites. Hell, radar was still just in its infancy. And, if you haven't noticed, oceans are pretty darn big. So, finding your opponent, judging their numbers, and making sure
Victory at Sea lets players become admirals and take their battle fleets into the ocean to wage war against their opponents. This new WWII naval miniatures game is highly anticipated, but just how doe
Victory at Sea is Warlord Games' new massed fleet WWII miniatures game. Naval actions were extremely important during the war on both fronts. Soon, you'll be able to recreate those harrowing battles f
Cruel Seas lets you play out smaller-scale battles that took place during WWII. But what if you want huge battleships and aircraft carriers and destroyers and stuff like that? Well, you won't have to
Mongoose Publishing has some new releases out for Victory at Sea. Hunt down the enemy with Orion and remember your password with flights of Swordfish.SourceFrom the release:The Victory at Sea range co
Mongoose Publishing greatly expanded their Victory at Sea line with the release of several new ships.From the announcement:The 1/1800 scale range of WWII ships for Victory at Sea has expanded once aga
Mongoose Publishing has released two of the most famous ships to ever ply the oceans: the Hood and the Bismarck.From the announcement:We have just released two of the mightiest warships to ever duel o
Play Unplugged has another game review article up. This one's Victory at Sea.From the review:Hard to starboard Play Unplugged fans! "Navy" Dave Spurlock reviews Mongoose Publishing's naval miniatures
Play Unplugged has another review up on their website. This one's for the Battle of the River Plate from Victory at Sea.From the review:"Navy" Dave Spurlock makes his Play Unplugged debut! In this rev
Mongoose Publishing gives us a look at the upcoming Yamato and Musashi for Victory at Sea.From the preview:Hot from the desk of Sandrine Thirache, her latest creations (the Yamato and Musashi) are cur
Mongoose Publishing has released their new Battle of the River Plate set for Victory at Sea over in their webstore.From the announcement:A complete Battle of the River Plate set is now available for V
Mongoose Publishing brings you some more Victory At Sea minis.From the release:The new Victory at Sea line of 1/1800 ships continues to grow, as we unveil;HMS YorkHMS LeanderHMS NeptuneHMS AjaxTribal-
Mongoose Publishing now has their next set of Victory at Sea ships available to order from their website.From the announcement:The first of the new line of super-detailed 1/1800 scale Victory at Sea W
Wee Gamers posted up a review of Victory At Sea from Mongoose Publishing. Go see what they thought of it.From the review:Wee Gamers very own fun loving naval nut Wee JB has a personal look at Victory
Mongoose Publishing is pleased to announce their first new ship for Victory at Sea, the HMS Exeter.From the release:We are very proud to be able to show off the first of the new 1/1800 Victory at Sea
Mongoose Publishing has the 3D renders up of some new ships they're working on for Victory At Sea.From the preview:With the first of our new 1/1800 range of ships about a month away (the Battle of the
Mongoose Publishing has a couple 3D renders of some upcoming ships for Victory at Sea.From the preview:We have just posted a preview of the first box set in the all new Victory at Sea miniatures range
Mongoose Publishing is happy to say that Victory At Sea: Far Flung Seas is now available in stores.From the release:The supplement for Victory at Sea: Age of Dreadnoughts, is now appearing in stores.W
Mongoose Publishing is now taking pre-orders for their Victory At Sea supplement Far Flung Seas. Get yours ordered today!From the release:Far Flung Seas is a supplement for Victory at Sea: Age of Drea