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Is the week going by fast for anyone else? I woke up this morning and was like, "whoah... it's already Wednesday!" I guess being busy will do that for you. Monday was All the News! Yesterday was more
Hey kids. I see from my friends feed that quite a lot of you are headed to Chicago for Adepticon. I really wish I was going. I would be, but there's a bunch of proofing projects that are coming along,
Board Game Playmat [3'x5'] Cushioned / Water Resistant
Well, quite a week we're having, aren't we? But that's what happens during big shows like GAMA. I'm sure all the surprises aren't finished, either. Well, if we're going to be hitting F5 on all our gam
How's everyone doing today? Ready for the weekend? I think I'm gonna keep mine rather chill, just putting together the last of my friend's Guild Ball stuff. They're already assembled. They just need g
The work week continues along. It's already half-over, in fact. Hopefully yours is going well. Mine's not been great, but I'm making it through. Got board game day at the library coming up this weeken
We've made it to the halfway mark. Just the rest of today, and then two full days and we'll be back into the sweet embrace of the weekend. How will you be beating the heat? Inside gaming? Outside tryi
Another day and we're that much closer to the weekend. Who doesn't love that? I mean, it's even a convention weekend. Heck, Origins is up and running right now! Hello out there all you Origins-goers!
We're just about halfway through spring, so it seems as good a time as any to have a Spring Sale. At least, the folks over at Victrix thought that was a good time, and who am I to argue?This is a quic
So, Adepticon is going on now. Soon, though, Salute will be going on, and that, from what I hear, is just an entirely different convention animal. Someday I'd like to go. Well, Victrix is going, and t
When people ask me what I'm doing on Sunday, I generally say, "As little as possible."Granted, considering today has included making breakfast, doing dishes, doing laundry, prepping to cook what will
As many companies are doing, Victrix is getting on the bandwagon of having themselves a sale here in the New Year. You need to get some historical miniatures and don't want to spend full price? Now is
It's the middle of October and you've gotta get some figures to stock up for the oncoming winter. Victrix is here to help out with that, by getting you any of their figures in their shop for a lot che
And we've arrived. Friday. Such a great feeling. The weekend is just ahead with all the possibilities that it brings. I hope you've got some gaming lined up for yours. It is the perfect time for such
I'm in my KSU baseball jersey, so it must be Wednesday. And if it's Wednesday, that means there's another batch of bite-sized stories to give you.In this group we have: Spaceteam Card Game Coming To K
Napoleon was an artilleryman. That's where he got his start in the military. And by many accounts, he was a master at utilizing it on the battlefield. Considering the battle formations still in use (r
Want to get some figures from Victrix but the postage rates are getting you down? Well turn those frowns upside down! For this week, when you make a qualifying order over on the Vixtrix website, you'l
Friday!Time to let your hair down, get together with some friends, and hopefully get some gaming in.As usual, we've got some bite-sized stories we've collected together over the past couple days and s
Victrix steps up to bat for our Napoleonic post for the day with the announcement that they're now taking pre-orders for their 28mm French foot artillery kits. These figures will fit in for the years
Victrix is another of the companies having specials this month in honor of the 200th anniversary of Waterloo. In their case, they're having a special sale going on in their webshop on all Napoleonic p
Give yourself a pat on the back. You've made it to another Wednesday. We're halfway to the weekend. If you have any mid-week gaming plans, we'd love to hear about it down in the comments. Over the nex
Arguably one of the things people like least about buying figures online is having to calculate shipping cost at the end of your order. You think you've only spent $X, but you've really spent $Y, and
My fellow TGN readers, welcome to another Sunday Edition. I hope your Saturday was good and your Sunday is being productive. My D&D group from yesterday came close to TPK at least twice. But that's wh
Victrix hopes all you Brits are getting out there and voting today. Go out there and let your voice be heard! They're also running a special deal on their website until the 10th, because of the electi
Victrix is getting ready for Salute this Saturday. The show only runs for one day, so they know people want to be able to get the things they want and then get to the next booth. As such, they're taki
Once again we're here at a Wednesday. The first half of the week is done. The rest of it stretches before us like a 2-day behemoth.Or maybe it's not so bad for you. Maybe Thursday and Friday are like