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When you want to get a force together for Warcry, the easiest way to do so is via the Warband Builder. But there've been a lot of releases lately for the game. Does that mean that the app needs to be
December's almost here. With it, that means that Games Workshop is switching out their exclusive mini and coin at their GW stores. Actually, it's "coins" this month, since there's two. Have yourselves
The other half of the new Warcry box set, the side that's not the dinosaurs, is the Jade Obelisk. What's this enigmatic group's history? What sort of special abilities do they have What do they bring
It's back into the office after a long weekend. And while I was taking time off, Games Workshop was rolling along with a new batch of pre-orders over in their webshop. There's a bunch of Age of Sigmar
The new box set coming for Warcry includes one of my favorite factions: Lizardmen... well, as they were formerly called, anyway. They're the Seraphon now. In this preview, we get a look at some of the
As usual, Games Workshop keeps the ball rolling. One set of pre-releases shows up, another gets on-deck for the next weekend. Get a look at everything coming to the store. It's a fantasy-heavy week wi
A new starter set is coming soon for Warcry. It's the Sundered Fate set and in this preview, we take a look under the hood at all the different things inside. New figures. New terrain. It's got it all
Able to stealthily go from tree to tree in the Gnarlwood, attacking at enemies and fade into the foliage, chameleon skinks are deadly foes. Get a look at them in this preview for Warcry.
A new weekend and a new set of pre-orders from Games Workshop just went past us. Blood Bowl is the main focus with the new Amazon team along with star players, pitch, deck, dice, and Spike magazine. B
It's a real grab-bag of new pre-releases next week in the Games Workshop webshop. The biggest is the new Blood Bowl team and several Star Players. Then, Warcry gets a new book. Warhammer Quest gets so
Games Workshop has yet another pretty decent-sized week over in their pre-order shop. They've got the new Age of Sigmar box set, as well as some other kits for it. There's a new Warcry book and sets a
The new version of Warcry has been out not long now and people are trying it out. Been thinking about doing the same but want to look at the rules first? Then you're in luck, as Games Workshop has pos
I know, "We need to talk about the future of this game" often means it's going away, but it's the exact opposite here with Games Workshop and Warcry. Short version is that the game's going to be getti
"Gee. GW had quite a ton of stuff going into their pre-release shop this past weekend. I guess next weekend will be a bit lighter." *goes to look* "... ... ... NOPE!" Games Workshop is not letting up
Yet more free rules for the new edition of Warcry for you. This time around, it's the Agents of Chaos. If you've been waiting around for these to drop, your wait is over so you can get some games in o
Another batch of free rules for Warcry has been posted by Games Workshop. With the new edition of the game now out as part of the latest box set, all the different factions are getting an update. This
And some more new rules for Warcry since the new edition's box set is up on Games Workshop's webstore again this week. This time around, it's the Harbingers of Destruction (if that's not the name of a
If you're a Warcry player, you're probably interested in the new box set that came out. Not necessarily because of the minis, but because of the rules. The game's got a new edition and things are a-ch
This week, Games Workshop's pre-order store is all about Warcry. It's not just a new box set, it's also a new edition of the game. Head on through and get your name on the list to add it to your colle
The new box set, and with it the new edition, of Warcry has the Rotmire Creed as one of the two factions represented. In this preview of said upcoming box, we get a look at some of the faction's speci
There's a new box set for Warcry coming to Games Workshop's pre-order store this weekend. But more than just some sprues and dice, it's a full new edition of the game. Want to know what some of the up
As is their tradition, Games Workshop is showing off what will be in their pre-order store next week. They're headed to the fantasy side of things next week with the new box set for Warcry.
We've seen a sample of one faction from the upcoming Warcry box set. Now time to see what they'll be facing off against. They're the Horns of Hashut and they're here to cause problems for everyone on
There's a new Warcry box set coming out soon. In it, they've got the Horns of Hashut versus the Rotmire Creed. It's this second group that we get a preview of here. Get some background info as well as
"What's in the boooooooox!?!?" It's what people are wanting to know about the upcoming Warcry box set. Well, that's exactly what we get a look at in this preview.