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Warhammer 40k

When you want to fill your day with gaming info, a gaming magazine is a great way to do it. White Dwarf is one of the longest-running out there, and there's a new issue coming out soon. What'll be in
People are socially distancing and wearing masks and such so they don't get sick. When there's Plague Marines around, that's even more important. A new Death Guard codex for 40k is coming out soon and
This week's pre-orders from Games Workshop includes a lot of Space Marines. Specifically, the phlebotomists that are the Blood Angels. You can head over and get their new codex as well as some other m
The Blood Angels are the phlebotomists of the Space Marine world, all about that blood. They also are known to just rush in and try and get it from their enemies. With a new codex on the horizon, you
So, we all know that GW has new releases hit on Saturday. But what will be coming out at the end of the week this week? Well, the big boxes for both Age of Sigmar and 40k. But, along with those, there
Over the weekend, Games Workshop held one of their online preview days. They showed off a bunch of stuff, including a bunch of the codices that are coming out for 40k. But there's also some Necromunda
Just like with their Age of Sigmar boxes, 40k is getting Battlebox sets this holiday season as well. Want to get into the game or start a new faction? Here's some kits that'll get you an entire battle
Games Workshop is having a big preview weekend coming up. They're calling it Decadence and Decay and if you play any of the games shown there in the featured image, you'll want to tune in. When is it
There's a lot of minis that Forge World has put out over the years. Some haven't had rules for a bit, but they do no, as Games Workshop has put out rules for what they're calling the Legends kits. The
Games Workshop has a lot of different things up for pre-order over on their website this week. There's a new Nurgle box for 40k. There's a classic character for Blood Bowl. But the biggest story is fo
Alright, you've got your cart full of this week's pre-orders, but what about what's coming out this upcoming Saturday? Games Workshop has you covered in this preview. The big story is the new Broken R
Two new Space Marine Codices are available to pre-order from Games Workshop this week. If you're looking to get yourself the new Deathwatch or Space Wolves books, you can get your name on the list to
Not all worlds in the Imperium are created equal. Some are more hospitable to life than other. Krieg certainly isn't a Shangri-La, and the troops that come from it are cut from a very different type o
"Never suffer the witch or the xeno to live." That's the creed by which the Deathwatch live. They'll head out and destroy any aliens they might find. And they're getting a new codex in 40k this weeken
Just don't call them "Space Babypuppies!" as much as you want to (I really, really want to). They're the Space Wolves and they're getting a new codex that you can pre-order this weekend. But what sort
While the single troops are certainly fine and all, it's all those cool vehicles that I love in 40k. This weekend, you'll be able to pre-order the new Imperial Armour Compendium. Games Workshop is giv
You've got yourself on the list to get this week's kits from Games Workshop, but what will be hitting the store next week? That's just we're here to let you know about. They've got new books for 40k,
Back when I played 40k, my two armies were the Orks and the Dark Angels. I guess I just had a thing for green. Well, I would've loved to have had these figues back then. They're the new Deathwing Comp
Games Workshop continues along with their 40k releases in the form of some new Necron and Space Marine releases. There's a new Ctan, new Monolith, new Tech Marine, and more. Have yourselves a look.
I know, they call them Codexes, but c'mon... Anyway, we just got the Necrons and the Space Marines, but what's coming up next? Glad you asked. And GW is glad to let you know. Want to see when your 40k
Sure, many of us know October 31st as Halloween. But this year, it's also going to be Warhammer Day. Games Workshop even has a special, limited edition mini that you'll be able to order as you celebra
Already got this week's orders already made? Want to know what you can spend your money on next week over at Games Workshop? Head over and see just what's coming up in next week's Pre-Orders.
See what I did there? Anyway, Games Workshop has a whole lot going on in their pre-releases this week. There's the new faction for Age of Sigmar and the huge Mega-Gargant figure. The Necrons get a swa
With the update to a new edition of 40k and the new codices that are available to pre-order now, the game is changing in many fundamental ways, including a rebalancing and the different basic weapons
It would appear as though, while this week has two new codices for you to pre-order, it's really this upcoming weekend where GW goes crazy and releases a ton of stuff. They've posted up a preview so y