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Warhammer 40k

Fridaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! We're almost to the weekend. Just the rest of today to go and it'll be here. I'm looking forward to this weekend as a friend and I are going to head to the local farmer's market
Each year, GW comes out with exclusive minis that you can only get down at their shops. This year has, obviously, be a little different, but as things are starting to open up in the UK, GW is showing
A bunch of new Sisters of Battle figures are coming soon for 40k. That includes some that have themselves some pretty nifty exo-suits. That includes Morvenn Vahl. Why just walk into battle when you ca
Games Workshop had plenty to show off last week during Warhammer Fest. And apparently, all the 40k previews were too much for just one day. So, while the Sisters of Battle got the majority the first d
This preview from Warhammer Fest Online is actually about Black Library stuff. We don't normally do fluff articles, but considering we also get a look at the upcoming redone Gaunt's Ghosts box set, I
Warhammer Fest 2021 Online continues. Day 2 heads from the past to the far-off future of the 41st millennium. Yes, it's Warhammer 40k, and most of the previews include looking at the upcoming Adeptus
Some new Sisters of Battle will be making it to 40k tabletops in the near future. In the preview today, we get a look at one that took the saying, "Speak softly, but carry a big stick" to some extreme
Normally, GW has new releases up for pre-order every week. Unfortunately, things are being a bit held back because of *gestured vaguely around at everything*, but they'll get back to it in a couple we
While a few things are starting to get back to a bit of normal, we're definitely not there yet. As such, release schedules are still in a bit of flux. Games Workshop is having to move around their rel
As with most weeks, GW's got some new figures for you to order over in their shop. The big one of this group is Be'lakor, available for both 40k and Age of Sigmar. But he's not the only thing they've
Games Workshop is coming out with new models based on The Horus Heresy (a kinda turbulent time for the grimdark future). In the first of these articles, they're taking a look at Maloghurst.
In the grimdark future of 40k, there is only war. As such, you're gonna need some weapons. Games Workshop is looking over the weaponry of the Adeptus Mechanicus and how they've changed over time.
The Sisters of Battle are getting some new releases in the future and Games Workshop is giving us a series looking at some of it before these nuns with guns hit your tabletops. In this first in the se
So, you got your name down on the list for the new stuff coming from Games Workshop already. But, as all gamers do (at least, I know I do), you're still looking forward to what's next. Thankfully, GW
With more and more people getting vaccinated against COVID-19, there's a chance that we can return to some semblance of normalcy soon. Signs of it are starting to show up, including news that Games Wo
WAAAGH!!! Longtime readers know that I'm a true Greenskin deep down inside. And, apparently, a new "subkultur" of Orks is making their way to 40k. We get a look at these new beastmaster Orks in this p
Forge World has a pair of new Word Bearers minis available for you to order this week. They're the Legion Terminator Praetor and the Legion Praetor. Head on over and get you some words.
It's been a couple weeks, and Games Workshop is making up for it with this week's pre-releases. There's quite a lot going on, from the new Drukhari codex for 40k, to a new campaign book, to a new box
The new Drukhari codex is due to hit the Games Workshop webshop soon. If you're wanting to get your evil, dark crusade going in the far-off future, you'll want to get it. And if you want to know more
If a player in 40k decides to build their army in such a way, they can unlock special rules for their units that will make them greater than the sum of their parts. These special lists are called Armi
The Drukhari (I remember when they were the Dark Eldar, but I'm old) are getting a new codex soon from Games Workshop. In this preview, we get a look at 7 of the rules they'll be bringing to the battl
The Pariah Nexus box set for Kill Team introduced the Heavy Intercessors and the Flayed Ones figures to the game. If you're looking to pick these kits up without the other half, you will soon be able
Games Workshop is doing another of their big video previews this weekend of stuff they're working on. If you want to check out what's in the works for 40k, Necromunda, Age of Sigmar, or Warhammer Unde
It's been a couple weeks since Games Workshop had themselves some pre-orders for you. They're making up for it this week with a whole bunch of them. 40k, Blood Bowl, Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game,
I mean, it's not a giant robot and it's not a dragon, but it's still a huge mini, so it's automatically one of my favorites. It's Be'lakor and Games Workshop is bringing him out for both Age of Sigmar