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Warhammer 40k

With the release of the new Aeldari box sets recently, there's a new set of options when building your Aeldari Autarchs. Well, the datasheet that they had figured you might have one or the other (the
So, you've got this week's pre-releases all set up to arrive. But what's coming next week? It's a bit of a lighter week this time around. Two new Combat Patrol boxes and a little more. Let's take a lo
Kill Team is front and center with this week's pre-orders from Games Workshop. Nachmund, the new box set is available. As are some kits for the Adeptus Sororitas and T'au, along with a new book. There
Not every soldier is meant to be on the very front lines, going toe-to-toe with the enemy. Those troops would be taken out quickly if it weren't for all the soldiers behind them, providing support. On
The new Nachmund box for Kill Team is headed to pre-orders this weekend from Games Workshop. Continuing our look inside what it contains, we see the Balefire Acolyte. This guy all those, "don't play w
The Nachmund box set for Kill Team is up for pre-order this weekend. In it, there's a deadly, new assassin being added to the Aeldari ranks as part of the Corsairs. Get a look at the Corsair Shade Run
There's a new Tyranid codex coming soon for 40k. And along with updated versions of all the regular troops you know, there's new ones as well. In this preview, we get a look at the Parasite of Mortrex
Want to get an entire army in one go? Combat Patrol boxes are just that. And with the new Tyranid codex coming out for 40k, Games Workshop figured a new Combat Patrol box for them would be a good idea
Before I was a Greenskin, I actually tried out a bug's life with Tyranids. Granted, back then, the Carnefix was a new model (and made of metal). Times sure have changed. And while the WAAAGH!!! took o
The Nachmund box for Kill Team comes to pre-order this upcoming weekend. If you're on the Chaos side of things and want a bit more info about what you're getting, you're in luck. In this preview, chec
Kill Team gets the focus next week from Games Workshop. The new Nachmund box set comes up for pre-order, along with some other new books and kits, plus terrain. For more general-product info, there's
Just because you can pre-order the Aeldari codex now for 40k, it doesn't mean that Games Workshop is done with previews for them. The updated figures for the faction aren't the only ones they're getti
Another weekend goes by. Another bunch of pre-orders go into the Games Workshop webshop. This time around, the big two are a pair of Battletomes for Age of Sigmar. You've got the Idoneth Deepkin and t
The Chaos Gods are destructive, but they will gladly give gifts to those that pledge their lives to them. These gifts can make an already formidable warrior into a true powerhouse. And we get a look a
The Aeldari just got themselves a new 40k codex and miniatures kits in the Games Workshop pre-order store. But what if you're not quite sure what to get for a new, starter army force? Well, that's whe
Aeldari are the main focus this week from Games Workshop as they launch the faction's new codex, along with a ton of new and updated kits. But that's not all. There's Imperium. There's even a new vers
We've been getting a bunch of previews for the upcoming Aeldari codex. Part of that is because the Aeldari (formerly Eldar) have been part of 40k since the beginning. But it's also because the Aeldari
Anyone else remember when the Fire Prism was the hot, new thing in the Aeldari (then Eldar) tank garage? I do. It's come a long way since then. And it's going further with some updates in the new code
Only losers walk their way into battle. Riding is the way to go. And sure, you could be shoved into a mobile sardine can. But why not ride in style in a sleek, shiny jetbike? That's how the Shining Sp
Nachmund is the new box set coming for Kill Team. In it, there's going to be a bunch of new Chaos Space Marines hitting tabletops. We get a look at them in this preview. Have yourselves a look-see.
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert this time is being set off by some of the more-spindly varieties of giant robot. They're the Wraith Knights and they're getting an upgrade with the new A
You've been waiting and the wait's almost over. The new Aeldari codex is coming to pre-order next week from Games Workshop. But it's not just the book. It's also a bunch of mini kits. However, it's no
You might know of the Avatar of Khaine. But that's not the only supernatural avatar headed to tabletops with an update in the new Aeldari codex. Yncarne is here as well and we get a look at just how s
It was the big Black Friday weekend over at Games Workshop. And while it's mostly about the books, there's also two minis so you can bring heroes from those stories down onto your tabletops. Head over
The Webway is basically teleportation that the Aeldari use to get just where they need, right when they need to be there, popping out of Webway Portals. These pieces are getting updates in the new Ael