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Warhammer 40k

Games Workshop is giving the Space Marine Legionnaires a big upgrade soon. How big? How about 2 wounds big? Get a look at their new, updated stat block in this preview.
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> We have a Giant Robot Alert! This time around, it's from Codex: Chaos Knights. It's not just simply the weapons that make Knights dangerous, especially when dealing with C
The Horus Heresy is getting itself a new edition and a host of new model kits to go with it. One such is the new plastic Praetor kit for the Space Marines. Get a look at the options in this new previe
When a game has as many moving parts as 40k does, it can be rough to make sure that everything is balanced at the same time. Occasionally, adjustments need to be made. Such is the case here, as Games
Ch,ch,ch, changes! That's gotta be Tzeentch's favorite song. And you can use it as a battlecry as you head your Warpmeld Pact forces into battle. In this preview from War Zone Nachmund: Rift War, we l
Decent-sized set of pre-releases for you over in the Games Workshop webstore this weekend. We've got the new Tyranids codex, along with some extras. There's also the Age of Sigmar: Season of War: Thon
And we finish the week out with <whoop! whoop! whoop!> a Giant Robot Alert as Games Workshop once more looks into the upcoming Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights codices (I know they say Codexes
Space Marine power armor has gone through many variations over the years (both in-universe and out). One of the more popular variants is the "Beakie" style. With the new version of The Horus Heresy co
The Tyranids are looking to find every bit of biomass they can in the galaxy and add it to their hive. That's the goal of their crusade, and we get a look at how that works with their Crusade rules co
The Tyranids are known for adapting to adversity very quickly. How quickly? From minute to minute, if necessary. We get a look at these Hyper-adaptation rules coming in their new codex in this preview
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have Giant Robot Alert! And these are some pretty metal kits (as in the music genre. They're not actually made of metal). They're the new Chaos Knigh
The story of War Zone Nachmund is soon to take another step forward with the release of a new book for 40k. It's War Zone Nachmund: Rift War, and we get a look inside its pages in this preview.
As is tradition, Games Workshop is giving us a look at what's coming to their pre-order store next weekend. The big one is the new Tyranid Codex for 40k. There's also a new mini, a Combat Patrol, and
A new battle box set is out for Age of Sigmar. Well, up for pre-order, anyway. It's the Arena of Shades set and it's just one of the new pre-orders available from Games Workshop. That includes a bunch
As a news reporter, I hate April 1st. I've been burned before by a story that looked real, only to find out later that it wasn't. That was my reaction when I first saw that the Leagues of Votann (form
Generally speaking, the Tyranids are an "up in your face" kind of faction, enjoying taking enemies out at close range. However, that's not to say that they don't have their own group of heavy weapons.
Each month, Games Workshop comes out with an exclusive new miniature and coin, available only at their GW stores. For April, it's all about the Tyranids. No foolin'.
The Parasite of Mortrex is a new, monstrous creature entering the Tyranids' ranks in 40k. We get another look at this leather-winged monstrosity in this preview. The new Tyranid codex is coming soon.
So, what's in store next week in Games Workshop's webshop? Well, the new box set for Age of Sigmar, for starters. But also, in a nod to our Terrain Corner feature, there's a whole bunch of 40k terrain
The next round of Aeldari releases are up in the Games Workshop webshop, available now to pre-order. Head over and get your Avatar, Shining Spears, and more. Plus, there's a new Mission Pack for those
Adepticon is underway in Chicago. If you're not there (like me), then you might feel like you're missing out. But worry not! Games Workshop showed off a ton of stuff yesterday, but they've posted it a
Fleshborers are the standard armament for the masses of Tyranid soldiers. And with the new codex they're getting for 40k, they're getting themselves an upgrade. Have a look at what these nasty project
The new Aeldari codex for 40k is probably in your hands already. But a bunch of the new minis that are coming with it haven't quite been released yet. But soon. They're coming to pre-order next week.
While the giant beasts get the main focus of fire in the Tyranid army, there's countless, smaller buggies rushing towards the enemy lines that shouldn't be underestimated. One such is the hormagaunt.
The Grey Knights and the Thousand Sons are the focus of this week's pre-orders from Games Workshop. If you want to get your hands on their new Combat Patrol boxes or another pair of new figures they'v