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Ok, so the Romans actually existed (and, I mean, they still exist). And Warlords of Erehwon is a fantasy game. However, there are many mythical and legendary things about the Roman Legions of ancient times and so the folks over at Warlord Games have decided that, sure, you can use your Roman Legions in games of Warlords. Why not? Head on over and check out this new army list.

Over the seas, let's go, men. We're shovin' right off. We're shovin' right off again. *does a little jig on the deck*

Warlord Games' new Victory at Sea is hitting tabletops and they're giving us a look inside the different factions. Starting out, they're showing off the US navy, a relative newcomer to the world of large-scale naval operations. And though severely crippled at Pearl Harbor, it came back to be a major naval force during the war.

WWII was a time before satellites. Hell, radar was still just in its infancy. And, if you haven't noticed, oceans are pretty darn big. So, finding your opponent, judging their numbers, and making sure you know to either attack or avoid an armada is pretty important. In this article for Victory at Sea, Warlord Games takes a look at Scouting and Naval Intelligence and how it plays into the game.

Victory at Sea lets players become admirals and take their battle fleets into the ocean to wage war against their opponents. This new WWII naval miniatures game is highly anticipated, but just how does the game work? Well, in this article, we get a look at exactly that as Warlord Games has posted up a game overview for you to peruse. Corn cob pipe not required.

Victory at Sea is Warlord Games' new massed fleet WWII miniatures game. Naval actions were extremely important during the war on both fronts. Soon, you'll be able to recreate those harrowing battles for yourself. They've got a couple new articles up talking about different aspects of the game. One's about Carrier Actions while the other is about the Battle of the Kamandorski Islands.

Buying direct can save you when it comes to your pocket book. You can also make sure that you get exactly what you want. But then there comes shipping fees. That can often negate any savings you had. But what if you and your favorite company are going to be at the same show? Well, you could just have them bring your order along! And that's just what Warlord Games is doing with their Show Pick-Up plan.

Cruel Seas lets you play out smaller-scale battles that took place during WWII. But what if you want huge battleships and aircraft carriers and destroyers and stuff like that? Well, you won't have to wait much longer, as Warlord Games is counting down to the release of Victory at Sea.

Stalingrad was one of the most brutal conflicts during WWII. The close, street-to-street fighting made the use of snipers an everyday issue for both sides. With endless places to hide, a sniper could pin down entire sections of enemy forces or take out key members of the opposing force. In this article, Warlord Games takes a look at snipers in Bolt Action and specifically the Stalingrad book.

Hitler: We must take Stalingrad at any cost.
Stalin: We must defend Stalingrad at any cost.

The result was one of the pivotal battles in WWII. The Germans were halted, but at a terrible cost. Millions died. But it showed that the German war machine could be stopped. Soon, you'll be able to recreate the harrowing street-by-street fighting on your tabletops with the Stalingrad Campaign book for Bolt Action.

With the Luftwaffe straffing down from overhead, the Allies at Dunkirk had to make a hasty retreat, getting onto whatever could float to try and leave the continent and escape to Britain. In this scenario for Cruel Seas, that intense escape is played out on your tabletops. Interconnected with the other scenarios posted for Bolt Action and Blood Red Skies, it's a multi-game event.

Warlord Games has a new scenario out for Blood Red Skies. The beginning of WWII saw the Allies being chased by rapidly-advancing German forces as they tried to make it out to the coast. Once there, the Allies had to form a very hasty retreat at the beaches of Dunkirk while the Luftwaffe attacked from above. In this scenario, you can replay that harrowing ordeal on your tabletops.

Tanks. Originally created to break the siege warfare of the trenches in WWI, they really came into their own in WWII. There were seemingly endless varieties of tanks and other armored vehicles used in that conflict, many of which you can bring to the table in Bolt Action. In this article, Warlord Games takes a look at their book devoted to all things tank, their Tank Wars expansion. If you want to play a game focused all around these armored behemoths, this is the article to check out.

A new commander is taking to the field in Black Powder. The Duke of Marlborough has headed into battle. How will this British commander make an impact on the game? Well, Warlord Games is here to look into just that with a new article. Have yourselves a look.

Cruel Seas puts players in control of many of the smaller ships that fought during WWII. Sure, there were battleships, destroyers, and aircraft carriers around, but many harrowing battles were fought by the smaller patrol boats and other light craft. A new book is coming out soon for the game called Close Quarters and it'll make this small-craft fighting get even more close.

I'm not an economist. Nor do I play one on tv. I do know, however, that prices are going to change over time. Inflation, currency exchanges, all sorts of things lead to this. In this particular case, we're talking about Warlord Games. They've announced some price changes to various units in their shop. Want to know what you'll be paying? Go check out the update.

Warlord Games is having their annual Bad Santa sale. No, they're not selling Blu-Rays of that Billy Bob Thorton movie. They're saying that sometimes you don't always get what you wanted as a present and so, "if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself." They've got deep discounts on a lot of their figures over in their webshop so you can correct your friend's and relative's mistakes from under the tree.

This time of year, many people take a bit of a vacation. That means lots of chances to get some gaming in. Warlord Games is here to help out with some new free downloadable supplements for Blood Red Skies, Cruel Seas, Hail Caesar, and Black Seas. Head on over and check them out.

Warlord Games is giving you an early Christmas present. You can head over into their webshop and grab yourself pre-orders of the Wave 2 releases for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. New Judges. New Foes. New Vehicles. There's a little bit of everything for you to check out.

Warlord Games has already launched their Black Friday sales event. However, it was just the tip of the iceberg. They've added more to it, and plan on doing so on a regular basis until its end. So, head back on over and see what more has been added to the pile.

Thanksgiving is still just under 2 weeks away, but Warlord Games is already jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon (they're not even the first, so why not?). You can head over to their webshop and pick up all sorts of great deals now. And hey, it's still plenty early so you can get your figures shipped before the holidays. But you'll need to hurry.

The Judge Dredd Miniatures Game takes players into the mean streets of Mega City One. Will you roll with the Judges, looking to bring justice? Or will you be one of the many gangs fighting for territory? In this preview, we get a little look at the system, the factions, as well as the campaign system that will be coming with the game's release.

Warlord Games is bringing a flavor of the East to Warlords of Erehwon. They have added a new Samurai list to the game, letting you bring some martial arts action to the game. You can check out several units, as well as various heroes to add to this new force.

It's Monday. But it's also Veteran's Day. As the son of a veteran, I want to give a heartfelt thanks to all those that serve.

So, when playing with your toy soldiers (whether you're a real soldier or not), you want your game tables to look good. So, let's make sure that's what's happening.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Pipes Terrain Available From TTCombat and Pre-Order Black Seas Scenery Pack.

Warlord Games is filling the ocean with ships. They've got a whole floatilla of new Black Seas kits that you can pre-order. There's the US Navy, the Spanish Navy, and several single ships and other packs. Head out into the briny deep with a whole host of ships.

Thursday. The work week is making its way along. We're almost done. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Nothing huge planned, but just relaxing. It's a relaxing time of year, if you ask me. So, that's what I'm up to. But what I'm up to now is making sure you have some great-looking gaming tables.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Pre-Order Judge Dredd: Sarissa Scenery Sets and Freebooter's Fate Mats Available From Deep-Cut Studio.