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A major component of the German navy, submersibles were a game-changer in both World Wars. In Victory at Sea, players can add these submarines to their fleets. In this article, Warlord Games looks at
Commando forces played a major role in the landings at Normandy for the Allies. In this article, we get a little look at them historically as well as see a new special bundle deal for the D-Day: Briti
While the starter sets and a couple other kits have been available, the full rulebook for Victory at Sea is just coming up for pre-order soon. If you want to get a look inside this repository of all t
The new British & Canadian Sectors field guide that's coming out for Bolt Action won't only focus on the Allied side of the battle line. Facing off against them were part of the Luftwaffe Field Di
While many people focus on the American sections of the D-Day landings, the action was truly all the Allies working together. In the upcoming campaign book for Bolt Action, they take a look at the Can
As the article points out, the Romans aren't strictly a fantasy thing. They were real. However, this list doesn't try so much to be historically accurate as it tries to be fantasy accurate. There's ce
First used extensively in WWI, aircraft really came into their own in WWII, with air power being a major factor in many battles during the conflict. In this article, Warlord Games looks at using the a
Warlord Games is completing their series of Bolt Action scenarios based on the actions of the Spanish Blue Division and their fighting near Leningrad during WWII as they fought against the Soviets. Th
In Victory at Sea, the different ships of the fleets aren't simply sailing by one-another in some form of regatta. They're out to sink one-another. And to do that, they'll unleash all manner of destru
In a fantasy world, of course there's going to be more than just the giant armies clashing with one-another. There's going to be the adventuring groups that go out and find dark tombs and plunder them
Warlord Games continues looking at the role of the Spanish in fighting in Russia during WWII. They have the next of their scenarios for Bolt Action posted up. This time, it's all about holding onto th
The Judges have a hard time out there on the streets of MegaCity One. It can seem like one against the world. And in the Graveyard Shift campaign, it sort of is. It's a new solo campaign for the Judge
Mythic Americas is a new game based on the Warlords of Erehwon rules that Warlord Games, in partnership with Mythicos Studios, will be releasing. In this series of previews, we get an overview of a ga
With Bolt Action, there's hundreds of battles that players can recreate on their tabletops. Warlord Games is here to help as well, giving you new scenarios representing the different forces involved a
The battle of Leningrad was a turning point of WWII. One of the battles during the siege was an assault across lake Lagoda. In this scenario for Cruel Seas, you can recreate that harrowing conflict. H
Victory at Sea is hitting store shelves now. But what if you want to get a bit more info before you put your hard-earned money down on the counter and pick up a set for yourself? That's just fine and
Victory at Sea should just be hitting tabletops now. One of the major players in the conflict was Germany and its Kriegsmarine. In this article, we get a look at this navy that wasn't so much about fu
Warlord Games has a new scenario for Blood Red Skies up on their website. The action takes place out in the desert where the SAS and Axis are fighting in the sand. Who will come out on top? You can ge
A game book can only be a certain number of pages. It's just a fact of production. So, that means that some stuff might be originally created by end up left on the cutting room floor. But like trimmin
The British have been known for their navy for centuries. In WWII, the navy certainly played a major role in the conflict. In this article, we get a look at some of the iconic ships that have been pla
"The cutting room floor" isn't just for movies. You'd think that you could just load up a game book with anything and everything you want, but that's not the case. Sometimes, something gets cut. But l
Warlord Games is shipping out (no pun intended) all their Victory at Sea orders they have. So, be sure to check your mailbox for front stoop for those to be arriving any day now. And when they do arri
Warlord Games is taking pre-orders for some new kits over in their webshop. If you want to get your hands on some new ships for Victory at Sea or a new artillery piece for Bolt Action, you'll want to
The Palau Islands Campaign Book is coming out soon for Bolt Action. In this article, Warlord Games goes over what happened in 1944 as the US looked to capture an island from them, particularly trying
The US' biggest naval adversary during WWII was Japan. The Pacific Ocean was the battleground (battlewater?) two see these two navies clash time and again during the course of the war. Warlord Games i