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You know, we're not getting any further from the apocalypse. How can I tell? Well, there's some Warriors of the Apocalypse just over that hill there. Heck, the folks over at Avatars of War are even ha
It's going guys. The week is continuing on. We'll make it. The weekend will be here as soon as it can.In order to make sure we have plenty of strength, we should stock up on some bite-sized gaming sto
Avatars of War has a new release available now over in their webshop.Everyone's good at something. In the case of this new release, they're good at warring. They're so good, they go at it with both ha
Avatars of War have released a pair of releases for Warthrone. One's a religious fanatic. Another is a bloodthirsty pirate. They probably have more in common with one-another than they'd both like to
The crew over at Avatars of War have been keeping busy during these cold, winter months. They've got two new Warthrone releases available, for all of you who would like to get a new Legions leader or
You know, in an apocalypse, you're bound to have marauders. It's just one of those things that seems like it's going to happen. If Mad Max has taught me anything, it's that there will be marauders. We
The week is continuing along at a fairly standard rate. However, it seems today really put on the accelerator and we're going full-tilt through the day. It's already time for the Midweek Snippets post
I'm in my KSU baseball jersey, so it must be Wednesday. And if it's Wednesday, that means there's another batch of bite-sized stories to give you.In this group we have: Spaceteam Card Game Coming To K
Friday! Glorious Friday!Time to kick back, relax, and hopefully get some gaming on.It's also time for another group of bite-sized stories before we head into the weekend.In this batch we have: Kromlec
We keep chugging along, beautiful TGN readers. The week rolls by and we continue on as well. It's that time once more to bring you some bite-sized stories we've come across in the past few days.In thi
In Warthrone, massive armies clash for dominance on the battlefield. Countless footmen, pikemen, and bowmen fight while the various heroes of the armies blast and bash huge holes in the enemy forces.
We continue on with the post-Gen Con week's work. Though I was able to keep up with a lot of things, obviously, things are going to fall behind in some areas. I'm almost out of the mountain of e-mails
With the drive to Indy yesterday, I obviously didn't have much of a chance to make posts (and no, trying to type in the car all day was not an option. I would've gotten all the carsick). So today I br
They say time goes by when you're having fun. Apparently, I've been having the time of my life all week, since it's just rushed on by. I swear I was writing up the Monday Terrain Corner about an hour
The work week rolls on. I'm once more in my Wednesday attire (Kansas State Baseball practice jersey over SIUE t-shirt), which is appropriate, seeing as it is Wednesday. With any luck, your week is goi
It would seem that it's a rather popular week to put out fantasy miniatures rules in new versions. Avatars of War has had their Warthrone rules around for a while now, but if you were an English-only
Avatars of War is taking advantage of the recent value-drop for the Euro and is having themselves a sale over on their webshop to celebrate (sort of). At any rate, those that had always feared exchang
Avatars of War has a trio of new releases available over in their webshop. They've got two new releases for Warthrone and one for Arena Death Match. For Warthrone, there's the the new Goblin King of t
Avatars of War has posted up their new releases. They've got some for both Arena Deathmatch and Warthrone for you to check out.SourceFrom the announcement:New items for Apocalypse, Cirlea & Dark Elves
Avatars of War has a pair of new characters available over in their webshop in the form of the Dwarf Rune Master and the Naga Queen.aow72_blisteraow73_blister SourceFrom the release:This month a new c
Avatars of War is bringing the Marauders of the Apocalypse to Warthrone. Will you dare stand in their way?aowpl12-ps_4aowpl12-ps_blister SourceFrom the release:This month reinforcements for the Legion
Avatars of War has a couple new releases available over in their webshop for you fantasy-gaming-types to check out.aow67_blisteraow68_blister SourceFrom the announcement:Preceding the upcoming Iron Gu
Avatars of War now has their Warthrone 1st Edition book, in Spanish, available to download over on their website.SourceFrom the announcement:The final Warthrone rulebook (Spanish) is available for do
Avatars of War is running a special on their Dwarf Pathfinders going on now over in their webshop.From the special:After receiving the first batch of orders from retailers, we have about 200 boxes of
Avatars of War has a couple new releases available over in their webshop. They've got a new Dwarf Berserker with great weapon and new plastic Dwarf Pathfinders.From the announcement:This month two new