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Waste Knights

You know the old saying, "Waste Knights, want knights." ... Actually... No, that's not it. But incorrect idioms aside, Galakta is running a Kickstarter campaign for Beyond the Horizon, their huge, new
Ares Games has teamed up with Galakta Games to bring you the 2nd edition of their post-apocalyptic game, Waste Knights. Ares will be handling the English distribution in North America and other non-Eu
I'm always a fan of seeing a game that was on Kickstarter fund, get made, sent to backers, and then made for general release. And that's what we've got here. Waste Knights: Second Edition was funded o
It's a post-apocalyptic Australia, or, as we call it, simply Australia. ;) There's few resources and everyone wants them. You need to make sure that you have them. That's the goal in Waste Knights, t