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Watchtower Games

Saturday night's alright for fighting... your enemies on the tabletops around the world!Hopefully you're doing that, anyway.I've got various whatnots I'm working on at home, one of which is spring cle
Watchtower Games launched their Fallen Kickstarter campaign.From the campaign:Fallen is a two-player card and dice game with fast and challenging game play, gorgeous art, and plenty of re-playability
Watchtower Games posted up a new Designer's Diary video for their Fallen fantasy card game.From the video:Fallen's Designer Diary #4 shows the power of Light and Darkness with the Shadow Track. Contro
Watchtower Games posted up a video showing off the concepts and mechanics inside their Fallen dungeon card and dice game.From the video:Watch the epic video showing off the dungeon, adventure game Fal
Watchtower Games gives you more looks into the design of Fallen with their latest Design Diary entry.From the update:Fallen's Designer Diary #3 wades deep into battle to see how Challenges are resolve
Watchtower Games gives us another look into the design of their Fallen card game with another Designers Diary entry.From the entry:Join us for Fallen’s Designer Diary #2, as we take a closer look at t
Fallen is a new game coming from Watchtower Games.From the announcement:Watchtower Games is proud to announce its new card and dice game Fallen.Adventure deep within a dungeon and battle the forces of