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Mount up, men! We'll head 'em off at the pass!Sure, it's cliche, but it makes more sense than, "Anybody got any dimes!?" in context.But whatever line you want to use, it puts me in the mood for some o
Occasionally, game rules can use a bit of an update. You find a problem in balance or something's not working the way you intended, so you go in and fix things. Or, you've realized that some bits of t
You know, when a new edition of a game comes out, if you played the previous version, there's the potential to feel a little cheated. You already bought a rulebook once. Why should you do it again? We
Mount up, men! We'll head them off at the pass!The Old West is a rather iconic time. Gunslingers on the streets of cities like Durango and Dodge. Banditos down in Texas. Saloons. Cowboy hats. Now, a n
Ok, so I didn't go to Adepticon, and that's sad. However, it's Monday morning and I've got no "convention hangover" and no long-ass drive/flight home and no Con Crud to worry about. So, it has its ups
Greenbrier Games ones more takes you to the western-themed sci-fi world of their Grimslingers universe with Grimsligners: The Northern Territory, a new expansion to their battle card game. This is mor
It's President's Day here in the US and we've got the day off here at TGN Industries. So why am I making posts? Because the news doesn't stop, and with all the announcements that've come in from vario
The week rolls along (and I've got Ace of Spades playing), so you know I'm working at a pretty fevered tempo. If I'm going to keep up this pace as I work on TGN stuff and then get busy with some work
The weekend is pretty much upon us. We just need to finish up this afternoon and we'll be there. Do you have plans? I'm still unsure. Though I think I want to make a cheesecake, because it's been a wh
And we're already to Wednesday. It helps the week go along when you're off on Monday.It's also my friend Gilbert's birthday!Yo.Gilbert.You old, dude.Anyway, along with cake and ice cream, we should fi
The weekend is over. It's back to the office. But, hopefully, you got some gaming in over the past couple days. Me? I played some Guild Ball (Masons beat the Morticians) and then some Dogs of War (my
The work week continues along. It's already half-over, in fact. Hopefully yours is going well. Mine's not been great, but I'm making it through. Got board game day at the library coming up this weeken
The Year of New Editions adds another to the ever-growing list. This time around it's Shoot 'N' Skedaddle, a skirmish game set in the Wild West. So grab yer 6-shooter and get ready to head 'em off at
Well, it's getting to be bedtime. Gotta get to sleep so I can make the epic migration back to the sauna that is Atlanta in August. I'm going to miss Gen Con. This was a good year. Despite the fact tha
Gangfight Games is one of the many companies out at Origins this weekend. But you don't have to be right at the show in order to see some of the cool things they're working on. No, they've shown off s
The American West has all sorts of legends and lore associated with it. It's a time and place set apart from others, and it's a setting that's ripe for use in gaming. It's also very easy to meld into
So you're out in the Wild West and you've got all sorts of werewolves, werecats, and even some werebears running around. What're you going to do about it? Build yourself a Werecatcher, of course! At l
We've got a spaghetti western here on 36.I like spaghetti westerns.I like the way the boots are all reverbed out walking across the hardwood floor.In fact, everything's got that big reverb sound.There
Ah, Sunday.For me, at least, the relaxing day of the week. Sure, there's chores to do like laundry and cooking for the week, but overall, it's a day to just relax a bit. Also, I'm told there's some ma
Woo! Friday! Woo!Most of my friends are talking about Star Wars. I've not seen it yet. Perhaps sometime soon. But it is cool to see how integrated into the mainstream our "geeky" culture has become. N
The week is continuing along at a fairly standard rate. However, it seems today really put on the accelerator and we're going full-tilt through the day. It's already time for the Midweek Snippets post
Well, for those of us here in the US, it's back to the "normal work week" for a few. Thanksgiving was great. I did make soup afterward. I've got quite a lot of it. Some will be frozen. Some will be gi
Hello there, Wednesday. How are you? I see you've brought the Guns 'N' Roses weather back with you. And while I know I'm in the minority here in Atlanta when I say, "woo! Rain!" I don't care. I enjoy
I love old Western movies. The "Man With No Name" trilogy is one of my favorite sets of movies. I really do need to get around to watching The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly again at some point, in parti
The weekend is once more almost upon us. We stand at the precipice of two whole days of not-work (well, I'll still be making updates, but that's alright). I've got a big model-building project for the