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White Dwarf

Games Workshop has quite a big set of pre-releases now available. There's some Blood Bowl. There's some Warhammer Underworlds. There's some Adeptus Titanicus. There's a new issue of White Dwarf. Head
White Dwarf helps keep you up to date with everything at Games Workshop as well as provides extra content. This upcoming April issue will have a new narrative campaign for you to go on, even. Have a l
The next issue of White Dwarf will be up for pre-order this weekend. What's coming in this issue? Glad you asked, as Games Workshop has another preview of the articles that are within.
See what I did there? Anyway, Games Workshop has a whole lot going on in their pre-releases this week. There's the new faction for Age of Sigmar and the huge Mega-Gargant figure. The Necrons get a swa
Games Workshop continues their releases for the Lumineth faction for Age of Sigmar. If you're wanting to add to your collection you got this week, you can get your name down on the list for another ba
Two new sets are available to order for Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave over in the Games Workshop webshop. You've got the quick and agile Morgweath's Blade-Coven. Or you've got the big 'n' 'ard Mor
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The Link for more information for your Infinity item is broken.
Games Workshop, and by extension Forge World, have hit pause on production during the COVID-19 outbreak in order to help flatten the curve. But while you can't get any actual minis from them, you can
Big pre-order week for Games Workshop this week. Primarily, they've got the 2019 General's Handbook for Age of Sigmar. Those that want to be up-to-date with the rules will want to check it out. There'
Another week and Chaos still reigns supreme over at Games Workshop. They've got a new set of Chaos Havoc marines, as well as a new squad of Chaos Terminators (honestly, some of my favorite miniatures
Games Workshop has a new batch of releases up in their webshop for you to check out. You can order yourself new starter kits for the Idoneth Deepkin and Nurgle forces for Age of Sigmar. You can also g
Do you words good? If you want to words good for White Dwarf (I really shouldn't have to describe what White Dwarf is at this point, but for those of you just joining the gaming world, it's Games Work
This could easily double as a Terrain Corner piece, since there's quite a lot of new scenery that is available to order this week. Along with that, Games Workshop is celebrating quite a prestigious oc
White Dwarf, the Games Workshop magazine (for those that somehow didn't know that), will be returning to a monthly release schedule starting in September. It's also going to be a rather robust magazin
Tale of Painters makes a habit of reviewing issues of White Dwarf. Well, the new format is no exception.SourceFrom the review:Tale of Painters took a good luck at the two new publications that are set
Pins of War takes a look at the new weekly White Dwarf magazine and gives you their thoughts on the subject.SourceFrom the review:Games Workshop trimmed their White Dwarf Magazine to a new 32-page wee
Games Workshop will be going to a new format for White Dwarf. They'll have both a weekly magazine as well as a new, monthly one.SourceFrom the announcement:Saturday 1 February sees the birth of the ne
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Tale of Painters continues their article series on a look inside the latest issue of White Dwarf.From the review:As every month, we at Tale of Painters take a look at the latest issue of White Dwarf.