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Shots are getting into arms and so getting together to hang out and paint minis with your friends is actually on the horizon. And when you get together to paint, you'll need a mini to paint. That's wh
WizKid's warehouse is moving. Like, not the actual warehouse like some kind of Baba Yaga situation. It's just everything inside is being relocated to a new, bigger location. As such, your orders from
The Cursed Hoard is actually more than just a single expansion for Fantasy Realms. It includes two new sets that you can add separately or together to help enhance your games. Want to add some cursed
The pandemic means we can't gather together for events right now. However, there's plenty of opportunity to meet up online. Such an event is the Paint Night Event Live Stream that WizKids will be hold
On your mark! Get set! Row! That's what you'll be doing in Greece Lightning, a new racing game coming from WizKids. Take command of your own trireme and speed around the Mediterranean in an effort to
Occasionally, sets in HeroClix get rotated out, meaning they're no longer valid to use in regular organized play. But what happens to all those figures that rotate out? Some get still used in a format
<weewoo weewoo weewoo!> Giant dragon alert! We have giant dragon alert! And it's a really, really big one! Some might say that it's the mother of all giant dragons. It's Tiamat and WizKids is ta
As more people get out there and get vaccinated, we can hopefully have events down at the LGS again. And WizKids is ready with their Red Slaad Paint Night Kit (I'd suggest painting it... y'know... red
No, it's not about redheads. Jinja is a new worker-placement game coming from WizKids all about building shrines all across Japan. The player that brings the most honor to their house is declared the
It's the set that's bringing a lot of changes to HeroClix and it's available to pre-order now from the WizKids webshop. It's the Wonder Woman set and you can get your name on the list to get these new
This weekend, I basically did nothing. And you know, it was kinda nice. Mostly, it involved watching the Today I Found Out channel on YouTube. Nice and relaxing and just a touch educational. But now i
It seems the partnership between WizKids and Wizards of the Coast is getting a bit closer. WizKids has announced that they're working on new products based on Dungeons & Dragons as well as Magic:
More strange creatures will be hitting tabletops soon as Paizo and WizKids release their Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril set of minis. Paizo's got another preview for you, giving you a look at so
If you've long been following the characters in Critical Role and want to bring all of their adventures to your tabletop, you'll soon be able to as WizKids is bringing you a line of minis based on the
PPPPPP. What a headline. Anyway, Paizo and WizKids are coming out with new Starfinder minis next month. Look, there's an armored bear carrying a giant hammer! Instantly love the set. 10/10.
Working as an editor, I like to keep wording consistent in rulebooks that come across my desk. But try as one might, sometimes wording gets changed or multiple terms that basically mean the same thing
WizKids has a new HeroClix set available to pre-order. This time, they're headed back to the Marvel side of things, giving you a new Future Foundation set. You know, when Spider-Man was part of the F4
Many powers work great on their own, but just like the superheroes themselves, when some powers are teamed up with others, they become more than the sum of the two. In this preview of the upcoming cha
We really shouldn't be traveling right now, what with the pandemic and all. So, many people's vacations have been cancelled. Well, chin up, because you can still visit a bustling city vicariously in W
Space. The final frontier. And you can boldly go into said frontier with the Star Trek Alliance: Dominion War Campaign box set, now available from WizKids. This stand-alone set is akin to the Attack W
Some super heroes like to get up close and personal, attacking with fits, sword, mace, or whatever might be laying around. Others like to go the ranged route with arrows, high-tech lasers, or magical
While there's a lot of lone-wolf heroes out there, many belong to a team of some kind. In HeroClix, those affiliated heroes might get a Team Bonus. In this rules update preview, we get a look at how t
All of HeroClix is getting a pretty big overhaul coming with the new Wonder Woman set. In the third part of the series, WizKids is taking a look at some of those changes and giving you a look into why
WizKids and Paizo has brought you a ton of pre-painted Pathfinder miniatures in the past. But what if you play Starfinder? Well, you're in luck, as Paizo and WizKids are teaming up to bring those to y
Some of the rules changes coming to HeroClix are a bit controversial. As such, there's been a lot of discussion in the community about the changes. In this article, WizKids looks at some of what's bei