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Wrath of Kings

In any army, you're going to have the elite units. Those that take on extra training and get extra equipment. This month's releases for Wrath of Kings epitomize the "elite" ethic. Both House Nasier an
As we should all know, A Song of Ice and Fire is not CMON's first foray into a miniatures game. They're long-standing game, Dark Age, as well as Wrath of Kings, are both still being developed. They've
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We're officially a week into March. Seems like a good time to get the word out about the releases that will be happening this month. At least, CMON thinks so (and I certainly agree). They've put up a
Wrath of Kings: Rising Conflicts will be releasing soon. With it will be plenty of new things to add to your forces. But this is more looking back on old releases, but in a new way. Since the game's r
So, it's coming up to 8pm. Day 2 is definitely in the books for Gen Con 2016. It's been a very busy day. I'm tired, but still pretty amped about everything that's gone on. And I'm sure you all would l
Well, yesterday was quite a whirlwind of activity. Nothing but nonstop activity and excitement here at the 2nd day of the CMON Expo. There's lots to do and see, so let's show some of it off.First off,
There are many awesome things about the CMON Expo. Getting information about future games and game releases from the panels is one of them. The first panel here today is being given by Dave Taylor abo
Time and time again you have seen me laud the decision of companies coming out with two-player starter sets for their games. You get pretty much all you need to get you and an opponent playing a game
A couple weeks ago at Adepticon, I posted up some photos of the display case for Wrath of Kings. A lot of people were "Oooh!"ing and "Aaah!"ing at them. Well, the first releases of figures from those
Hey everyone! It's been a very busy morning here at Adepticon. I've already seen some awesome armies, some cool, new models, and talked to some great people who obviously love our hobby. If you're not
There are many crazy things that live in our oceans. Just the other day I saw this story about some neon-green-eyed fish-thing that they brought up from the depths.Yeah, I really have no desire to go
As you've seen me say before, I love 2-player starters. My first foray into a miniatures game was splitting a 2nd edition 40k starter with my friend. Well, the fellows over at CoolMiniOrNot have creat
Though I don't get to have it all that often, I do love seafood. In particular, I love shellfish. However, this is one crustacean that's just as likely to try and eat me as I am to eat him. A new prev
In Wrath of Kings, Resilience can very much mean the difference between keeping a figure on the field and having them taken off as a casualty. Sure, there are your wounds backing you up, but if you've
My first ever purchase for a miniatures game was splitting a 2-player box set (of the 2nd edition 40k box, actually). They're ridiculously handy for getting you and your friend into a game. We didn't
The previews for the next set of releases for Wrath of Kings continue coming. Goritsi is featured this time around. Pack Master Kozakar is a new character who specializes in fast deployment of the tro
This Con Season may be over, but it's not going to be long before next year's starts up. With how wide the "Con Season" is, it barely ends at all. Besides, you gotta plan ahead for these things. You c
If you want to get the cool toys, you have to be able to find out where they're being sold. Well, CMON Inc. and EBS Hobbies are teaming up to bring UK gamers the CMON minis games. These are Dark Age A
The first expansion book for Wrath of Kings is on its way. The five major houses are gearing up for war. New soldiers are hitting the battlefields, ready to defend or conquer, depending on what's need
Though the focus right now might be on The Others, that doesn't mean that CoolMiniOrNot isn't busy working on its other properties. For example, Wrath of Kings, their fantasy miniatures game is starti
While, for a lot of people, the convention may seem to end at Gen Con, that's really not the case. There's still shows after that. One of them is the NOVA Open, held in Arlington, VA. Many different g
Gen Con is fully underway now. The first day went by in a flash. The energy in the air was palpable. Everyone I've talked to agrees that this year is much busier than last. When the doors open, there'
I told you that gaming companies were going to be putting up their announcements and such for Gen Con. Well, here's another one. This time around it's CMON. They've posted up both their pre-releases t
Wrath of Kings, the fantasy miniatures game from CMON, is getting a bit of an expansion this month. Each faction is getting a new unit box to add to their arsenal in their bid to take over the ancient
If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.Yeah, ask your parents about that song. Anyway, whether you have flowers in your hair or not, if you're in San Francisco thi