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Trained to fight in all manner of terrain and under all sorts of conditions versus a diverse group of enemies, the Commandos were the best soldiers for the job when something absolutely had to get don
One of the two main aircraft in the brand new Battle of Midway starter set for Blood Red Skies, the Grumman F4F Wildcat may not be as immediately as iconic as the Japanese Zero, but it's still a workh
Arguably the most iconic Japanese plane of WWII, and one of the most iconic in the entire war, the Mitsubishi Zero played quite a role in the conflict. They were also part of the new Blood Red Skies s
While war planes were used in WWI, it wasn't until WWII where they really came into their own, being a major part of offensives and military strategy. And while Warlord Games has a couple ways for you
Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for the different ships that were available as part of the Regia Marina Starter Fleet for Victory at Sea. If you didn't want to pick up the whole set but wa
Blood Red Skies takes you over the battlefields of WWII in intense, dogfighting action. And a new starter set is on the way. It will take you to Midway, one of the most pivotal battles in the Pacific
The fleets of Victory at Sea are going to be getting some reinforcements soon. In this preview, Warlord Games takes a look at 5 new ships steaming their way as fast as possible to join their nation's
In the Pacific during WWII, it was a deadly campaign of island hopping as both sides in the conflict looked to control the tiny bits of land dotted around that endless blue. Soon, you'll be able to re
While we mostly hear about countries like Germany, France, and Russia during WWII, there were many others that were involved in the fighting. Battlefront is bringing these other armies to your Flames
The Bagration: Axis-Allies book for Flames of War brings in a lot of countries that aren't generally the focus of historical accounts of the Eastern Front. Well, Battlefront is looking to change that
Battlefront continues to flesh out some of the other country's armies that fought in WWII. This round of releases for Flames of War, they're focusing on the Finnish army and some of the units and vehi
The new Bagration: Axis-Allies book for Flames of War takes a look at all the other countries that fought on the Eastern Front during that campaign besides the Germans and Soviets. It was a World War,
In the Pacific during WWII, the war was vastly different from those on the fields of Europe. It was sailors and pilots that did much of the fighting, with little solid ground for the army to fight on.
The war my be Finnish, but it's only mid-way done. Yes, I'm proud of that one. Anyway, Battlefront has started taking pre-orders for their new White Death book for Flames of War that's all about the F
While the Russians and Germans were the main forces involved in the Bagration actions during WWII, they were hardly the only armies involved, Battlefront is expanding the Flames of War armies for this
The Germans are getting reinforments out on the Eastern Front. More Bagration Germans are making their way to Flames of War tabletops now. Head on over and see what's in this batch of releases.
Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for a new starter set for Bolt Action. The set is based in the Pacific theater where the various forces embarked on deadly island-hopping missions, with ple
The German war machine was one of the most advanced and dangerous on the planet during WWII, with many vehicles designed to perfectly accomplish different roles. Battlefront is bringing those vehicles
Whenever Battlefront has a big set of releases coming out, they make a whole weekend of celebrating it. And that weekend is this weekend as the Bagration Germans are releasing for Flames of War. Head
Battlefront is showing off their next book upcoming for Flames of War. We've gotten our Bagration Russians. Now, we need someone for them to fight against. As such, we're getting Bagration: German so
Victrix Limited has a new set of gaming rules available. It's called The War on the Ground and it lets you play out WWII battles in several different scales, from 10mm to 12mm to 1/144 scale. You can
The Americans certainly didn't succeed on D-Day alone. It took a concerted effort from all the Allies. And the French Resistance, which had been fighting the Germans since the occupation of their coun
The Normandy landings were some of the most important events in history. And Warlord Games helps you recreate those battles on your tabletops. A new Bolt Action campaign book is coming out soon, all a
Warlord Games has updated the FAQ for Blood Red Skies. If you want to head over the battlefields of WWII in your flying machines, you'll want to have an accurate report of how they work. Make sure you
All week, I've thought it's one day further along than it should be. Wednesday felt like Thursday. Thursday felt like Friday. This morning, I was like, "Weekend! Woo! ... ... wait..." Ah well, it will