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Wyrd Games

This is almost a 2-for-1 preview from Wyrd this week. We get a look at the characters coming in their upcoming racing game, Bayou Bash. But those figures will also be available to use in Malifaux. We
Look, having been in the gaming industry in the production side of things, I get games being pushed back... and it happening again... and again... and again. It's sometimes just unavoidable. Well, tha
You gotta start somewhere. And if you're going to be starting The Explorer's Society in Malifaux, their starter set would be a good place to begin. In this article, Wyrd looks inside the set and gives
Wyrd wants to give you a giant t-rex mini. And, I mean, I'm not here to stop them. They're giving away a Malisaurus Rex figure, just head over to their website and get your name in the hat.
Wyrd's got another preview of an upcoming Malifaux mini for you and it's once more for their newest faction, the Explorer's Society. *looks at the mini* Well, I'll be damned... err... I mean, I'll be
Wyrd's got a new Explorer's Society preview for you this week. The newest faction for Malifaux is getting a pair of characters. Well, one character. One character that's two characters. Ah, anyway, ha
From Nightmares is the upcoming Through the Breach RPG supplement book coming from Wyrd. As this week's post, they've given us a look inside creating your own Neverborn monsters of just about any type
Through the Breach, the Malifaux roleplaying game from Wyrd, is getting itself an expansion book next year. It's called From Nightmares and we get our first peek inside what sort of scary things will
We're 1/3 of the way through December. The year's almost up, but that means there's still time for some new releases. And that's what Wyrd's taking a look at here with a look at their December release
If you're going to be traveling to far-away lands in search of ancient temples or lost ruins or whatnot, you'll want to make sure to not overburden yourself. Thankfully, there's digital books such as
Wyrd has their birthday in late November, which coincides with Thanksgiving and Black Friday. As such, they combine their birthday sale with their Black Friday sale. And it's going on now.
A week from today is Thanksgiving here in the US. That means we're 1 week +1 day from Black Friday. That means lots of special deals, including those from Wyrd for Malifaux. Want to know what to save
Under the sea. Under the sea. Now that I've gotten that stuck in your head, we can continue on with this week's Malifaux preview from Wyrd. We get a look at more Explorer's Society figures with a look
The Explorer's Society in Malifaux is getting itself another Master soon. She's Anya Lycarayen and you can get a preview of her stat cards within.
It's two, two, two previews in one! Wyrd is showing off a pair of new models for Malifaux that you might have actually run across the characters before. However, this is their first chance to actually
Arachnophobes beware. Nexus, a new master for Malifaux, has a decidedly spidery nature. Kinda reminds me of the Other Mother. But anyway, if you want to get a look at what this skittering horror can d
Through the Breach's Penny Dreadfuls are one-shot adventures that you can just drop into your games whenever and wherever you need. And today, Wyrd's got a new one for you. Some night say that all of
If there's one season that the folks over at Wyrd seem to love most, it's Halloween. They love it so much, they couldn't let their little figures in Malifaux go without some candy-getting, spookiness-
"Logical" isn't how most people would define the world of Malifaux. It is patterned after dark dreams, after all. Even when it comes to constructs, that should work on various mechanical principles, b
Wyrd Games absolutely loves alternate sculpts for figures and special edition box sets. So do I, so I'm always excited to see what they're going to have. In this preview, we get a deeper look at the W
We're just over a week into September. Seems like a good time to get an idea of what the rest of the month will look like. If you're a Malifaux player, you'll probably want to know when you need to he
In this update from Wyrd, we get a look at the Ramones. But we're not talking about Blitzkrieg Bop or I Wanna Be Sedated. No, it's Patti and Elli Ramone, the Rough Riders, and how they fit into Malifa
Ever want to just get away from it all? I know, especially right now, that's been on my mind. Maybe heading up to the moon might be a good way to do that. Well, in the world of Malifaux, there's 2 moo
I'm in the dark a lot. I don't tend to have a ton of lights on in my apartment, and I'm up at O'Dark:30 in the morning. So, I'm used to being in shadow. But sometimes, you gotta worry about those shad
The folks over at Wyrd love, love, love their limited edition and special edition resculpts and models. And as a big fan of resculpts myself, I'm a big fan of them. They've got a new Rotten Harvest sp