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Xyston Miniatures

Here we are, once more at the threshold to the weekend. I know I'm ready for it. It's been a busy week with a lot of work going on here at the office. I could use a day of just hanging out and playing
Man, no day has felt entirely "right" this week. Monday was an amalgam of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday was like a Monday. Wednesday was kinda like a Friday. Yesterday was like a Saturday, but
So, I have made it to Indianapolis for Gen Con.And I'm sitting in my hotel room, sorting e-mails, replying to e-mails, and typing up these posts. I hope you all appreciate it. ;) :PAnyway, seeing as i
I trust that everyone had themselves a safe and fun Halloween. Anyone see any good gaming-themed costumes out there? Also, did you enjoy the extra hour of sleep afterward? That's the part I enjoyed th
Xyston Miniatures has their latest set of releases available over on their website. First is Antigonas On Pallanquin (a pretty stylish, if a little slow, way to get around). The other is a set of Tare
Xyston Miniatures has some new Numidians for November over in their Nebshop... I mean, webshop.SourceFrom the release:This month we extend our Numidian range with another two packs. The first pack ANC
Xyston Miniatures has a couple new sets of Numidians over in their webshop.Numidian ArchersNumidian Officers SourceFrom them to you:September ends, so its time to announce who is the lucky winner of o
Xyston Miniatures posted their King Prous Personality Pack up on their website. There's both "on elephant" and "on foot" available.ANC20303 - King Porus Personality PackKing Porus painted by Jon Shiel
Xyston Miniatures has some new ancient historical miniatures available over in their webshop.Plus, you could win a free King Porus mini, too.ANC20301 – ChalkaspidesANC20302 – Sphendonatai with Shepher
Xyston Miniatures expands their 15mm ancient miniatures line with their new releases for June.ANC20296 – ToxotaiANC20297 - Sphendonatai with kestrosphendone SourceFrom the release:June is here, and th