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Z-Man Games

Along with the new edition of Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers, Z-Man Games is keeping it in the time of the cavemen with Paleo, a new cooperative survival board game. Can you make it through the da
It's a Carcassonne game that's a bit different from the others. All of them take you back in time, but this one's headed back a few thousand years further back to the time of the woolly mammoths. Carc
Pandemic. If you've not played it, you've almost certainly heard of it. It's one of the most-beloved and highest-rated board games out there, including its several iterations. But have you come to the
It's always interesting to get insight into game designer's minds and see why they made the choices they did when creating the games we love. In this interview, Z-Man Games sits down with Matt Leacock
This isn't a story we see all that often in the best of times. But considering how things have been this year? It seems impossible. But it's not. Z-Man Games is announcing that Infinity Gauntlet: A Lo
Many of you have played one of the versions of Love Letter over the years. You're trying to find your true love in the quick-playing game. But love's not the goal in Infinity Gauntlet. So, how did the
Gen Con Online is just around the corner. And, like when the show was in Indy, companies are posting up what they'll have in store. In this case, it's Z-Man Games giving us insights into what you can
Pandemic Legacy revolutionized the gaming world when it came out. I know many of my gaming friends listed it as their favorite game for quite some time. And many of you have played Pandemic Legacy Sea
The Marvel version of Love Letter, called Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game, isn't about getting your favorite heroes to get into romantic relationships (save that for your fan-fics). No, it's the
Many of you have probably played Z-Man Game's Love Letter. A new variant, Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game takes that action into the Marvel universe. But the different heroes aren't trying to da
While many game stores out there are offering curb-side pickup or delivery, you might not be able to make it out there. But Z-Man Games still wants you to be able to play Pandemic: Hot Zone (seems an
Now seems as good a time as any to talk about the Pandemic series of games. A new form of it, Hot Zone, is coming soon. In this preview, Z-Man Games looks at the game's development, where it's at, and
Z-Man Games and Feuerland Spiele have been in partnership, with Z-Man bringing you the English and French versions of Terra Mystica, A Feast for Odin, and Gaia Project. It's been good, but it's now en
Z-Man Games is working on Marco Polo II: Polo Harder. *gets a note* Actually, I'm being told it's title is Marco Polo II: Service of the Khan. Ah well. Anyway, if you're looking forward to the game, y
Z-Man Games has a new version of Love Letter out there that's designed for the everyday world we see around us right now... strange as it might be at the moment. It's called Love Letter: Sender and it
No, this isn't some sort of Rule 34 thing. Love Letter isn't always about courting someone for romance. So, when you reskin it for a Marvel setting, you can simply swap it to the Infinity Gauntlet and
Bit of a shuffle going on when it comes to where you can find some of your favorite games. Plaid Hat Games has once more become independant, the deal being negotiated by Colby Dauch to once more take
We all love our games (I'm pretty sure that's why you're perusing the site), but we sometimes want just a little -more- from them. The base box is nice, but just a touch extra could make it amazing. T
We've been seeing this little mousie for quite some time. He seems to be the poster-mammal for Aftermath, the new adventure book game coming soon from Plaid Hat Games. Well, now we know a bit more abo
I mean, I might've called it Marco Polo II: Marco Harder, but that's me. Z-Man Games hasn't hired me to name their new releases (and we can see why). Anyway, the actual name of the game is Marco Polo
Humanity is in danger. Barbarians, diseases, floods, and Cthulhu are all coming to get us. They must be stopped! And that's what you'll be doing in the Pandemic Survivor Series. Z-Man Games has posted
Do you look around at civilization and go, "pfft, I could do better"? Well, now's your chance to prove it in Hadara. Will you focus on war? Religion? Philosophy? The Arts? Probably a bit of all of the
Over the seas, let's go men. We're shoving right off, we're shoving right off again. A new expansion for Terra Mystica is coming to you soon from Z-Man Games. They're hitting the high seas to do some
When there's a crisis, every moment matters. Time is not on your side, and there's always more to get done than there are people to do it. You need the best people in the right place. In this preview
The smash hit board game Pandemic has had a successful cooperative tourney scene for 5 years now. Z-Man Games has posted up a little bit about how they got there, along with some interesting informati