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If you've played the A Taxi Saga part 1, you may wonder what comes next. Well, you're in luck, as we now know. CMON has posted the A Little Help From My Friends scenario, the next part of the campaign
During a zombie apocalypse, having a set of reliable wheels is vital. And the Survivors know a taxi driver. But he's a little flighty. Will he show up in time to save the group after they get themselv
The Survivors have come across a Necormancer outpost. The smart thing to do would be to carefully avoid it. The fun thing to do would be to burn it down. Guess which one they're choosing. CMON has pos
Sure, it's the zombie apocalypse, but... CANDY! Head on out and go Trick or Treating, or, as they call it in the world of Zombicide, Trick or Threat in this new scenario that you can download now.
Night of the Living Dead wasn't the first zombie movie, but it quickly became the most iconic. Zombie media has changed a lot since then, and with Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, players c
I'm sure over the past month or so, many of you out there have rewatched the classic horror film, Night of the Living Dead. Well, this Friday, you can bring that movie from the screen to your tabletop
A teleporter would definitely be a faster way off of PK-L7 than trying to find a ship. But does the darn thing work? And are there any Xenos between us and it? That's what you'll have to figure out in
There's a necromancer in a town that nobody seems to be able to kill. Maybe they just haven't used a big enough stick. Trebuchet Touche is a new Zombicide: Green Horde scenario that you can download f
If you have the fuel to run it and someone to pilot it, a helicopter can be the ideal vehicle during a zombie outbreak. Thankfully, the survivors have one, so they're going to use it to check out a di
Sure, there's a zombie plague going on, but adventurers gonna adventure. And when a dungeon is rumored to be full of all manner of treasure, you know that's going to attract those that want to go in a
Before I got into the gaming industry, one of my jobs was as a janitor at places like a grocery store, college sports arena complex, and a hospital. I know how rough it can be to clean some of the wor
CMON continues their regular tradition of posting a new Zombicide scenario for you to try out. This time, they're hitting the Way-Back machine and going to ye olden times and Black Plague. Head on ove
Zombies are attracted to any sort of noise. It could be tasty humans, after all. So, when a house's alarm starts going off, what began as a nice day in the suburbs suddenly turned into a race for your
They might've missed a week, but they're coming back with extra. This time around, instead of just a single scenario, CMON has posted up an entire mini-campaign for Zombicide: Invader. Head over and c
If having zombies running around wasn't bad enough, a curse placed on this town makes everyone's weapons brittle and they break easily. How will we fight back against the undead hordes? That's up to y
The Survivors have reunited Bob's family. Unfortunately, the zombie world is harsh and unforgiving, and Bob is now gone. But his family remains, as do a bunch more zombies. How will Bob's Campaign fin
"We'll uh... we'll talk to Bob." The Survivors have found Bob, the worker at the power station. But now his family is missing. Of course, during an apocalypse like this, it's impossible to say what's
It's amazing how quiet a zombie apocalypse can be. A lot of noises we're used to in everyday life become very rare. So, when the Survivors hear a ringing phone, they simply have to go answer it. What
Mold is bad enough if you find it in your house. But when you find it in an off-world facility and that mold is a byproduct of murderous aliens, it's a little worse, and harder to clean. But that's wh
With CMON posting a new Zombicide scenario each week, they're trying to hit all the different versions and big expansions for the game. But what if you've only ever picked up the original? Well, there
"Lock the doors. Close the shades. Stay quiet." It seemed like a good way to get the Xenos to just pass by. However, they've stuck around outside the doors. Now, it's up to the soldiers to get the sci
Another week, another new scenario. This time, a cache of weapons has gone missing. But the survivors have found it. Unfortunately, they also found a heap of zombies. Gear Up is a new scenario for Zom
Another week, another new scenario for Zombicide. If there was any time to have planned on coming out with new scenarios online every week for a year, this was a good one to pick. Players can head ove
Another week, another new scenario for one of the Zombicide games. This time around, it's Green Horde. Every veteran adventurer knows to never split the party. But when a sinister trap splits the part
Continuing with their pledge to give you a new Zombicide scenario every week, CMON has a new Invader scenario up on their website. The anti-matter generators are broken and making a lot of noise. Repa